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Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 22:20

2008_MR_21_EP_FrontJust what it is about Marya Roxx? What does this girl possess that has convinced some major players in the world of rock to take her under their wings? From super-producer Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Slayer, Aerosmith), a band that includes former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook, and the EP's cover photograph being taken by legendary music photographer Ross Halfin, the girl with a Eurovision past has certainly piqued the interest of more than enough influential people on the way to unleashing this debut release. But have they all backed the wrong horse........


.............actually, no. There is more than enough quality wrapped up in this shiny disc. Marya has the voice, certainly the looks and, on the basis of this four-track EP, a shot at cracking a tough section of the rock market.


Opening track '21' houses some gargantuan riffs and a lethal dose of melody. The song transforms into a kind of riff-fest at its end, sounding not unlike the bastard offspring of White Zombie and Pantera; big names to check but done so with ease. 'Oh Yeah' is more of the same; uber heavy riffola and more hooks than a cenobite's wardrobe. 'Rebel' is probably the weakest track on the release but this fast and furious "heads down, see you at the end" kind of track, when done in the classic Motorhead style, is always more than acceptable. Final (and bonus) track 'Nothing Going On' is a cover of the Clawfinger song that, credit to Roxx, she manages to make sound her own.


Let's recap; highly attractive frontwoman, good voice, massive riffs, catchy hooks - what's not to like?! Having seen Marya live recently, the only negative I'd throw into the mix is that she needs to break down a few more barriers between herself and the crowd. Having spoken to her, I know that this is not a language issue for this vixen of Estonian descent....confidence maybe? With this crease ironed out, Marya Roxx could certainly forge a decent career in the metal world. With an album - 'Payback Time' - yet to see an official Worldwide release, this is an artist that I am certainly interested in watching develop.....



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