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Written by David Whistance   
Monday, 14 December 2009 08:53

Heavenly-CarpeDiemHeavenly may have began their career as a power metal band but one listen to their victorious new album 'Carpe Diem'(that is once you have managed to tear yourself away from the delightfully sexy cover art), and you instantly realise that they have a lot more to offer than your run of the mill metal band.

On 'Carpe Diem', the band's fifth offering, we are taken on a musical journey that not only incorporates power metal but also Beethoven, Queen and astonishingly Irene Cara.


The album kicks off with a Vinnie Paul style blast beat as we enter the title track of the album 'Carpe Diem'. Swiftly leaving the heavier style behind as they enter a more melodic approach incorporating huge dramatic vocals from lead vocalist Ben Sotta that finishes off with a quick burst of Irene Cara's Eighties smash 'Fame'........ I kid you not.


'Lost In Your Eyes' a more straightforward rock number quickly follows, before we dive straight into Queen territory with the first of two numbers; 'Farewell' featuring huge Freddie Mercury style vocals, along with some Brian May style harmonies. The second Queen Style ditty being the incredible 'A Better Me' - a full on, overblown Seventies style Queen number that would get any Queen fan, salivatiting at its pomposity.


Queen themselves had stopped making songs this great long before they left the platform booted glamtastic decade that was the Seventies. Now if only Brian May had continued to make music as grand as this instead of the heinous crimes to music he has been involved with this last decade, ('We Will Rock You', X Factor, duets with talentless boy bands etc - do I need to go on?) then this here planet would be a far nicer place to reside on.


'Ashen Paradise' should be renamed 'Musical Paradise' as it incorporates each element of metal music, power, thrash, melodic amalgamating into a fantastic masterwork. Whenever you think of something so grand and celebrated that you simply cannot put words to it, then one piece of music will always spring to mind, the music in question being 'Beethoven's 9th Symphony'. It's also the reason so many advertising executives are so affluent. Now what if you were to recreate Beethoven's classic in a form of a power metal number, how great would that be?  Well you needn't have to wait any longer as Heavenly perform the Famous German poem 'Ode To Joy' in their own glorious fashion.


One thing I should make clear here is that I hadn't heard of the band Heavenly before I was given the album to review, but I will definitely be exploring their back catalogue in depth now. I suggest that you follow my lead.