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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 12 December 2011 05:30

dogstateLondon band Dogstate land on my doorstep with a thud and a 4 track EP that's got enough to keep the noise mongers amongst us more than happy. Coming on like Black Spiders without the glint of cheekiness in their eyes, these seasoned musicians have crafted 17 minutes of metal that is hopefully a precursor to a debut album.


First track, 'Colt', is an instant Black Spiders-style heads down, foot on the monitor stomp that will get your whites turning black just by listening to it. 'War Baby' follows it up in the same fashion and adds a dash of style that is missing from so many bands that attempt this - the vocals are strong and melodic enough to really hit you from the speakers. Third up is 'Never Enough',  more of the same attack of the senses, bassline heaviness, riffing and all round metal goodness!
The final song, 'I Fall', really makes you prick up your ears as all of a sudden: whilst keeping virtually the same style, they've all of a sudden turned into The Cult? Now to these ears, that's a great thing. Ian Astbury style wailing to a great riffing backdrop has got to be an A+ for any fucker out there in the Uber ether?


Wrap it all up in the production of Pat Collier (Zodiac Mindwarp, Primal Scream) and you've got yourself a nice little introduction to a band you might just want to see progress.
Start barking because this dog is in a great state.