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Lords Of The Trident - 'Chains On Fire' (Junko Johnson Records) Print E-mail
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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 15 December 2011 05:15

37121_lords_of_the_trident_chains_on_fireWhere exactly should we begin with this review? Probably at the beginning of time - a time when lead singer and self appointed legend Fang VonWrathenstain was born (when a volcano containing metal and steel erupted) and the Lords Of Trident came to be. Such a promo pack of bonhomie has been written that you can't help but chuckle (apparently Manowar asked them to turn it down they're so METAL!).


The fact the band dress up (Killius Maxixmus - dressed as a Gladiator, Pontifex Mortis - Grim Reaper and Asian Metal - He's Asian, what else?!) and portray an image of GWAR-like theatre says all you need to know about where this lot are coming from.


The music itself is pure Maiden and Priest and sounds like most '80s metal bands you can think of as they dip in and out of classics for inspiration (Helloween, Dio etc.) but from what I can hear the songs are actually pretty serious. I was definitely expecting a more Steel Panther style homage to all things metal but taken a little more seriously in their press release and you' d be left with a half decent album that could happily sit on any self respecting metal studded warrior's CD shelf.


A quality twin guitar attack and vocalist who can out do Bruce Dickinson in the hold-a-note stakes are proof that these nostalgia loving metal freaks should be heard before you assume the worst due to their image. Song titles such as 'Skyforce', 'Chains On Fire', 'The Metal Sea' and 'The Enforcer' sum up all that the Tridents are about.


Nothing here is new, it's pure trad metal as it was originally concieved and is no where near as brutal or heavy as, say, 3 Inches Of Blood's take on it. Their stage shows include epic battles between fans who are given armour and knighted, flames and all round warrior reincarnations - Now how many of you MetalHeads out there wouldn't want to see that?


If you want to be transformed into a true Metal Warrior, you know what you need to do.