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Written by Cronohn Pipror   
Friday, 22 December 2017 04:00

Deathgod Messiah artworkAmerican black/death maniacs Deathgod Messiah devastate and terrorize with their nasty 'Abomination Chants from Beyond the Grave' compilation album.


The first track 'Phallic Flagellation' is a disturbing introduction of things to come. It's basically a chaotic compendium of ominous chanting, tortured wails and doomy riffing reminiscent of Candlemass - if Candlemass were demented black metallers. The song then shifts to grinding guitars and blasting drumwork with evil roaring vocals. A great opener that'll get the blood pumping.


The second track 'Like Father, Like Son' just fires straight in with a demonic wall of sound. Gritty bass, blastbeats and fast guitar work complement the guttural vocals well.


Track three, 'God is Dead, Death is God' continues in a similar fashion with blasting drumwork and chaotic guitar riffs. There's a great sense of groove to this otherwise nasty and grim track. The vocals again are inhuman and ferocious.


'The Word of the Law' is up next with breakneck speed, wailing guitar work, pounding drums and murky bass work. The vocals just add another stinking layer to the pure filth obliterating your eardrums. Short and savage would describe this track perfectly.


'Gilded Casket' batters you from the start with grinding black metal fretwork and blastbeat drumming. It starts off building the tension only to unleash hell upon you. The sparse leadwork adds an unsettling atmosphere to an otherwise brutal track. 'Blasphemous Suicide’ is basically another punishing wall of sound filled with chainsaw like guitar riffs, blastbeats and sludgy bass. The vocals are, again, demonic and guttural adding to the cacophony of hellish noise.


'Outro' contains a sound clip from ‘Game of Thrones’ followed by eerie noises and an unsettling atmosphere, bringing an end to the main body of work. Track eight '7th Command' continues in the same vein as the songs before it. A grim and oppressive blackened death metal sound filled with crashing drums and archaic guitars. The raw production adds a layer of evil to the track and the vocals are raw and unpolished, but it suits the track well.


'Bastard Christ' has a midpaced tempo with long drawn out guitars and a slow drumbeat which gives way to lightning fast riffs and blastbeats. The vocals are again decent. 'Sexual Violence' has a more upbeat almost thrashy feel to it. The old school style riffs and high tempo drumming creates a great feel to this song. The vocals shift from a roaring howl to earsplitting shrieks. It's one of the more fun tracks on the album. 


'Cursing Heaven' is the penultimate track and it has a nice evil feel to it. The double kick drumming and rumbling riffwork create a dense atmosphere of dread and the rasping vocals work well over the music. Closer 'D.G.M' follows the same blackened death formula with blastbeats, downpicked heavy riffs and a snarling vocal attack.


As a whole, 'Abomination Chants from Beyond the Grave' is an album that doesn't stray too far from a specific writing style. It's muddy, dark and heavy. There are no real stand out tracks on the album and the style is something that's been heard many times before. Nevertheless, Deathgod Messiah deliver a grim and brutal album that'll have fans of that "kvlt" feel playing this repeatedly.


'Abomination Chants from Beyond the Grave' is released on 26 December. You can get your copy HERE.


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