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Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 04:20

Core Of Io artworkYou know, at heart, I’m just a good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roller.  I don’t really like the fancy things in life… a roof over my head, my beautiful wife by my side, a decently cooked steak and a slab of chips… I like the basic things in life. The same applies with my music:  basic.  After all, I grew up on a diet of AC/DC, Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Guns ‘N Roses… Nothing fancy dancy: just rock ‘n’f’n’ roll muthafuckas.  But, now and again, like everyone else, I like to go a little upmarket: slip on the old whistle and flute and head out to treat my tastebuds to something new…


Core Of Io are one of those techy metal bands that I can take or leave – generally, the latter, if I’m brutally honest: too many notes crammed into too little space if you ask me.  And as for all that screamy shouty nonsense over the top?  Fuck that, dude:  yeah, scream yer lungs out kid, but do it over a 4/4 rock ‘n’ roll beat and enunciate your vowels so I can actually understand the words… but all that incoherent throat-shredding, with the 13/2 time changes and guitar patterns that don’t mould with the rhythms… Nah, don’t get it. Gonna keep my baseball cap with the peak protecting my eyes from the rain, thank you very much!


Having said that, this young quartet from down the southern ass end of England do what they do extremely well, and obviously have worked hard at getting to where they are with this attractive enough little package.  Opener ‘Stuck’ has a decent groove, with a winding riff that is as appetizing as it is enticing, and a good thump on the bottom end, thanks to the tight ass rhythm section that is Gareth Sidwell and Rich Carter, the latter proving himself to be a decent enough tub thumper throughout.  Bob Tett also does a decent job of moving through the vocal stylings that this sort of emocore demands, while Luke Stenlake’s stabbing riffs provide enough enjoyment to retain attention.


Lead single ‘Hit The River Hard’, however, is a fairly generic metalcore chart botherer, enlivened only by Sidwell’s funky bass patterns, while epic closer ‘Lenuta’ is archetypal techcore drawn out to a full seven-minute plus accentuation, and again highlighted by a great performance from bassist Sidwell.


Not to get down on the lads too much, I listened this EP three times back to back and it did not bore me or stop me hitting the repeat button on each occasion.  If you’re gonna do this widdly-diddly style of metal, then this is as good as you’re gonna do it. And I can’t really say fairer than that, can I?


‘Part II: Europa’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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