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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 04:00

The Cowboys Vol 4 artworkI love that The Cowboys regard their album as a punk 'n' roll mess.


At times the guitars sound like an Everly Brothers record, but it's fleeting, because in a split second it sounds like Devo!  imagine that a band that sounds like Devo and the Everly Brothers? Well, that band is The Cowboys. 


Originally released on the hipsters’ choice that is cassette tape, this is having a second birth on the über hipsters’ choice of vinyl – but, if you’re down with the kids you can buy the download off Bandcamp. 


I'll tell you what it is: it’s a splendid mash up of a million other bands, all done in the best possible way;  it’s a mind fuck, as you have the melody and dreamy tones of 'After Sunset' that has more than a dash of San Francisco in the ‘60s  with its simple beat and light vocals, but contrast that with the Cramps waving a middle finger on the album's opener 'Yesterdays Men': with its Thunders slide down the guitar’s neck, it’s sounding great, with its Bolan glam strut thrown in for good measure.  That's this album, in a nutshell: it has plenty of spikey jarring punk rock like 'The Look On Your Face' standing alongside 'Leather Rocket', which sounds like it has just staggered out of some ‘80s alternative club, complete with warbling vocals and surf guitar. 


The schizophrenic nature of this album will drive some nuts - and it's exactly what will excite others. Going for the throat, 'Crisco Kid' is like an ode to early Dead Kennedys: full of snot. Then contrast that with the lo-fi new wave of 'I Learned A New Word'.  With ten songs on offer, the album’s closer sounds like Lloyd Cole when he had his Commotions, but with a slightly more edgy sound. Those tambourines sound like a rattlesnake as well (weird link), but that's part of what I enjoyed about this record: it straddles the ‘70s, 80s and beyond.


They've embraced pop to alternative to punk and managed to create a great record. 


‘Volume 4’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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