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Written by David Prince   
Wednesday, 29 December 2010 05:00

ghost-10For years Norwegian metal has been blighted by Varg Vikernes and the black metal scene but here comes Ghost who formed back in 2002 and are only now releasing this, their first full length album after a demo and EP.


The band are doing something different in that they are firmly melodic rock and with a more metal tinge to their minge! With the title track opening proceedings the band gives you five minutes of pure rock metal that gets the foot stomping and horns punching the rock air with so much force that you are grinning from ear to ear. 'AWAT' continues with a face melting riff with the title standing for Another Woman Another Town, so yes the lyrics are stuck in the 80's which for me is fantastic!


'Surgery' is a mid paced rocker but nonetheless deadly... as the band give their thoughts on the current climate of enhancements! Seriously this band are that good with flashes of TNT and even Megadeth (on their more melodic side) Ghost will certainly haunt you!


Another song that gives me flashes of the band's brilliance is 'Agent Down' with its mid 80's riff leading way to a Dokken 'Dream Warriors'-esque song and the band are so unashamed of their love for the 80's that it's a shame that bands like The Darkness and Steel Panther were/are massive when bands of this calibre are going by unnoticed!


Do yourself and the band a favour - check them out!