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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 20 December 2010 06:00

eruptorsWhat can only be described as the singularly most bizarre opening track I've heard all year, 'Seven Bridges' is like 'Eruption' (Not) followed by a Micky Dee drum workout that lasts two minutes plus, although it did make me chuckle that these bad boys could begin an album with such a curve ball - I knew straight away that this was going to be an album I was going to love and hate in equal measures.

Anyway, what am I in for, I think to myself but then before I have time to shudder or grin  'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' kicks in at 100 miles an hour, all full of sloppy punked up glam rock (this is more like it peeps). 'Seduce And Destroy' is on before I have time to catch my breath and although it sounds like it was recorded in a biscuit tin it's not actually that bad and has a bucket load of machine gun etiquette attitude. So the drummer is fond of his double bass pedal but don't let that put you off this full throttle balls to the wall racket which, when played loud, is a lot of fun on the old ear drums.


With buxom birds a plenty cartooned all over the cover of this album you get the impression that these chaps are having a ball and couldn't really give two fucks if some reviewer gives them a slating or not because they're gonna be doing this regardless. '12tree4' is pure rock 'n' roll filth for the one and a half minutes it is blasting out of the speakers. 'Oh Baby! Baby' is straight from the UK Subs book of punk rock and, as the album swings from one type of rock to the other, I feel the band are caught between all out glam slam cock rock or fuck it all punk rock which, again, is not a bad place to be. 


Won't get a sniff at breaking my Top 10 of 2010 but they'd be one hell of a band to have at your party with tracks like 'Cannibal Holocaust' and all its Aaahs and 'The Ballad Of Meggy Sue' and its Misfitsness. Possibly one of the trashiest albums of the year and a lot of fun but not something that will have me going back to play over and over again. I did get the monitor wedge out and grabbed a hairbrush when 'Tow The Line' came on for some real proper cock rock - nice.


1000% rock? I wouldn't doubt it for a minute. If you like some punk and were a fan of The Babysitters and their type of shenanigans rock then this will please you endlessly. Check out The Eruptors, they'll mess with your head and you can skip over tracks like 'Kronos Intro' anyway and the full-on homage to all things mega metal that is the very amusing 'Captain Kronos'.