Four Trips Ahead - 'The Memories' EP (505 Records) Print E-mail
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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 14 December 2010 05:00

fourtrips176Immediately I thought to myself, If you like Richie Kotzen, you'll love this. It's got that eclectic, slightly earthy feel Kotzen does so well. Produced by Four Trips Ahead's lead singer Peter Wilson, this EP has got great guitar work, great vocals and some hi-energy drumming and, what's more, it's got proper songs.


'Feel Anything' introduces us to this New York band's EP and sets the tone of groove and heaviness that continues throughout. 'Remembering Who I Am' and the slower 'Memento' keep the flow going and 'Memories' cranks it back up full throttle. 'This Night' seemed to be coasting out and the least memorable track but halfway through, they totally change the song, start jamming and it takes on a life of its own.

On the inside cover they proclaim you should 'Play Loudly, Reclaim Rock Music' and I can't argue with that.