Hion Martell - 'Will Cure Any Disease' (Viskningar Och Vral) Print E-mail
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Written by Ross Welford   
Wednesday, 08 December 2010 05:00

will_cure_any_disease_260-260I really do try and see the good in any cd I review but this really did test me.
First track, 'Perfect Remedy', a T-Rex inspired bit of 70's rock is the best on here, followed by 'Fed Up', a Status Quo-style romp but what follows is a boring A-Z copycat band treading the boards. Meat Loaf, Stealers Wheel, Sweet etc all get a nod and a wink but with all tracks forgetting what made those bands great in the first place.
Imagine going to your local non-rock pub and I'll bet the band playing would sound just like Hion Martell. Good enough for background music but why anybody other than family and friends would buy this is beyond me?
Oh, I've thought of another good thing; keyboardist Peter Suback looks just like Tubbs from The League Of Gentleman...................................There's nothing for you here!