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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 22 December 2014 03:00

Cashing InBloody ‘ell, is it really twelve months since I was last sat here reviewing Volume 5 of this most excellent series of punk tributes to all things Christmassy? God how time flies eh. There’s also a certain feeling of deja vu about getting this all new 20 track double LP too because the very first thing that grabs my attention is the awesome ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ themed cover art, just like the ‘Troops Of Tomorrow’ themed one from volume 5. Coca Cola’s favourite son is once again up to his tricks and I have to say Richard Stone of Splodgenessabounds really has gone above and beyond the call with this masterful piece of cover art.


Due to the sad passing of John Lovrich at Snugfit Studios this volume won’t actually be out on vinyl in time for Christmas, however you can pre-order it via the link at the bottom of this page and get the MP3 version delivered to your desktop/phone etc. When the LP does finally get to see the light of day in late January 2015 we are promised it will come pressed on yellow snow vinyl (white with heavy piss yellow splatter) for 300 copies as well as on lumps of coal vinyl (in other words black) for 200 copies, so what is there not to love about this release already?


“What about the music” I hear you cry, well as with last year’s release there are a mixture of covers and reinterpretations of old Christmas classics plus there are also a healthy splattering of tongue in cheek originals, and whilst there’s no ‘Santa’s On The Register’ this time around ‘Who The Fuck Is St Nick?’ by Assault and Battery is a fantastic middle finger salute to the mince pie and milk guzzling fat fucker.


One small criticism that might perhaps be levelled at this series of albums is that by just glancing down the tracklisting there aren’t that many big names contributing that might help make a curious punter take the purchase plunge, but having seen the likes of Gimp Fist (who contribute ‘Dear Father Christmas’), City Saints (Christmas has never sounded more fun that on their ‘I Hope Santa Dies’) and Saints And Sinners (who do a pumped up cover of ‘Fairytale Of New York with Liz of Deadline) live this past year I have to admit that these punk ‘n’ rollers can more than hold their own amongst the big boys.


Other bands of particular note are Swedish trio Oldfashioned Ideas and their ‘Holidays’ terrace anthem which turns out to be a very welcome surprise indeed, plus Pittsburgh bruisers The Traditionals who have a right old piano driven punk rock ‘n’ roll riot going on with ‘Drunk Tank Christmas’ whilst old hands The Vibrators certainly don’t mince (pie) their words with the boisterous ‘I Hate Xmas’. Add into the mix a rough and ready cover of John Prine’s ‘Christmas In Prison’ by the ever provocative Brassknuckle Boys (their previous cover of Hanoi Rocks' ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ has to be heard to be believed) along with Drug Shock once again proving why they are the go to punk rock band of 2014 with the excellent ‘No Holiday’ and you have the recipe for a right old Christmas knees up.


So if like me you are sick to death with the homogenised bullshit version of Christmas that the media has force fed us all since the start of November this album is the near perfect 20 track antidote to all of that and more, all you need do is hit the link below, then when you’ve downloaded the free MP3 sit back and crack open a tin or two and laugh at the rest of the world getting stressed out and further into debt…


Merry Christmas everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho!