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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 11 December 2014 03:40

electricmesscover300One thing I can say from giving this record a few spins was the more I played it the louder I wanted to turn up the volume and chief songwriter Dan Crow sure knows how to hack and slash the six string. 'Better To Be Lucky Than Good' is right on so many levels and with this vibrant full tilt rock and roll noise I'm a liking this. Title track 'House On Fire' crashes in hot on the heels with some very nice keyboard swirls and Moon the Loon-esque drum fills.


Sure, it's got a retro vibe about it and with three principal songwriters the styles work really well together: Crow, Crow and Davidson are definitely on the same page and certainly don't sound like a firm of accountants. The band do kick back on 'She's Got Fangs' which was written by singer Esther Crow and it does add a little finesse to proceedings and that bass line is very soothing.


This album is most enjoyable and a band that are as tight as my trousers currently they don't half rock up a racket and make great use of the keyboards and guitars. There is a lot borrowed from the '60s garage scene, especially some of the manic drumming but that just adds to the excitement of songs like 'Leavin' Me Hangin' which house some great rip snorting lead vocals. 'Lemonade Man' is another great tune - hell, there's plenty of great tunes on offer here. It's a shake your shit, let your hair down and throw caution to the wind kinda record that's flying by the seat of its pants and getting groovy to whatever takes their fancy.


Closing with 'Every Girl Deserves A Song' is a great move because it's possibly the strongest song on the record with great lyrics and arrangement.


The Electric Mess just kicked my backside and next time I'm at a loose end and don't know what to play I'm going to sling this in the player and turn the fucker right up!


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