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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 11 December 2014 03:20

emergencygatecoverSix albums in and you'd think you'd start to have a pattern of sound but this is almost like four bands playing and arguing over who's more important.


Emergency Gate will probably appeal to the younger generation as they incorporate the 'new' trend of electronica being an important part of the otherwise brutal sounding cookie vocals yet it whilst it's certainly not the worst thing I've heard recently, it's not likely much of this will stay in my head long. If at all.


Most songs start out as if they're going to sound like Evanescence and quickly turn into Hatebreed or Slipknot and occasionally to mix things up... they do it the other way around!


They throw a curveball into the mix (this is the band that covered Haddaway's 'What Is Love' FFS) with the track 'We Wanna Party' which is a metal-core vision of what Andrew W.K. does. Why a band want to put a 'party' track in the middle of an album that is trying to be as brutal as this is beyond me? I mean this isn't Exodus and The Toxic Waltz, this is full-on synth, euro holiday party trash rock that should be left for a 'B' side or at least the very last track on the album because after hearing this, you're not exactly taking them that seriously.


'Peace Of Mind' is also another track that is out of synch with the rest of the album: a piano-led ballad that isn't at all bad but is simply so far removed from their normal delivery that you question why it's on here. Mötley Crüe don't put a death metal track on the end of their albums for a reason - works both ways.


Their are some good songs on here - 'Infected Nightmare', 'Pathetic Me' for example - but these are the tracks where they seem to be more brutal and single minded on the direction of the song which is to their benefit. The production and mix of this album is top notch and aids the clarity (the drummer especially must be impressed with his 'to the fore' part) but ultimately this is hit and miss.


Clarity in vision and execution would help this band no end.




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