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Written by Mark Ashby   
Saturday, 14 December 2013 03:20

Greevace ArtworkGreevace – who take their name from a deliberate misspelling of ‘grievous’ – are a southern US trio, comprising of brothers Andy and Chris Cauble on guitars and bass/vocals respectively and drummer Thomas Whitley, who until coming together in this amalgam at the end of 2008 had spent most of the preceding few years criss-crossing the North Carolina / Georgia border playing in various bands, including a few in which they had teamed up in various guises


Five years into their career, this second self-financed EP is a prime example of decent, hard-working southern metal in the format we know it today, mixing doom, sludge and blues in a way which has been popularized by the likes of Down, Clutch and many, many others. While adding nothing new to the genre, ‘Pulling Wool’ is an efficient offering: the songs are well-constructed (as is the EP as whole, building from the thoughtful opening of ‘Harbinger’ to the swelling midsection through to the atmospheric closing instrumental ‘Nautilus/Anunnaki’) and well-performed, Andy Cauble produces some interesting riffs and melodies, brother Chris’ vocals are suitably gnarly and both he and Whitley hold the tunes together with aplomb and practised expertise.


Greevace are the sort of band that, if you were touring the south-eastern USofA, pulled into a roadside bar of an evening and they were playing, you would definitely stick around for their set.


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