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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 30 November 2013 04:00

maxWhen I saw these bad boys at Rebellion this past summer they almost blew my ear drums out with their million miles an hour rock and punk racket; but I wasn't concerned, in fact I quite liked it. No holds barred, right for the jugular, stand or fall, feast or famine kinda band.


On record they don't fuck about either, with their prog anthem ending this record at a mammoth three minutes plus. Everything else is around the one to two minute mark and you'll have a bloody good time shaking your shit to it or else you can just about fuck right out the door. I think that's the vibe they're going for...


'Ire Of The Ram - The Prequel' is one minute of Motörhead fucking your ear drums with the spirit of MC5 on speed. These bad boys aren't about to hang around long enough to collect any plaudits for their rock and fuckin' roll noise - it's live fast and die even faster! This is a rush of the finest order. Think Motörhead, think Gluecifer, think early Hellacopters, think about a dozen mighty punk bands on top of their game: in fact any band that ever saw fit to perforate your eardrum with loud, aggressive rock and roll just add these insane mofos to that list because this is avin' itself no doubt about it.


'Missing Leeds' is anthemic, however quite why anyone would miss Leeds is beyond me. 'Brickwall' is appropriate and is most certainly the sound of a band running into one at very high speed! 'Norte Russo' has a tip of the hat to some death metal by the sounds of it in its prog intro but once it gets going there is no compromise as we hurtle towards its finale. I've just turned this bad boy up to eleven and this shit isn't even funny anymore because I think they can now hear my stereo in the next village, but boy does it do this album justice? Fuckin' right it does, the noisy fuckers.


Tight or loose it matters not because it's all about the feeling and the total blitzkrieg of 'Comin In Hot' is where it's at. Fuck-in-beautiful noise! Or is it 'Clocked In'? To be fair the track listing is fucked, the volume is fucked, my head is fucked. Fuck it. Maximum RNR is for you if you've ever pretended to give a fuck about loud, fucked up punk rock and roll; now get with the programme and turn it up!!!  


They've made me go all expletive mental now - that's the evil power of rock and roll right there mofos! Now let's rock \m/


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