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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 23 November 2012 04:00

wifebeatersControversial name aside, The Wife Beaters are peddling a sound that harks back to the basics of bands like the Adverts, Ramones and such like and, whilst keeping it simple and rather loose at times, the songs are pretty decent efforts. 'Bored' being a good case in point with its rough bass throb and clanging guitar licks - it's like the late '70s and early '80s never went away.


Kicking off with a rough diamond, 'Boozin Down The Bar', it's a neat melody and it reminds me of the Babysitters or Last Of The Teenage Idols when they were at their most rock 'n' roll, and this is pretty much the scene for the rest of this collection. They seldom stray from their path and whilst the sound is like an old school demo it's also part of the overall sound and experience. Not the best album I'll hear all year but enjoyable nonetheless and something I've happily gone back to listen to since being introduced.


'Night Of The Creep' has a rough arsed guitar lick that sounds like it's about to fall off the edge and a bass rumble barely holding it together but the church organ a la Captain Sensible style is cool on this Cramps style tune. 'Car Crash Romance' is like Sabbath never happened or if they were to mix their uppers and downers just before entering the studio only having the Ramones for an influence. Infectious though.


'Neon Piss' is pure '77 with a tongue in their cheek and snot on their sleeves and, to close out this reckless fourteen,  is a gem called 'Toughest Gang In Town' and a belter it is too and a fact I wouldn't doubt, but seven minutes? In danger of turning prog if it wasn't for such great lyrics about shit being brown (!) and going all weird as fuck around the five minutes mark, but hey it keeps us on our toes.


I only hope they get better and better because they have some foundations here for bigger and better things. Some right handy tunes, I only hope they focus - stay out of jail - and don't die living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, but it might be a close call the crazy mofos.