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Written by Rob Watkins   
Friday, 23 November 2012 04:00

Asia_ResonanceThe original supergroup (or should that be super group?) have a new double live musical offering (that also comes with a DVD which I sadly don't get to see here) recorded in Basel Switzerland in 2010 during the original line up's 'Omega' tour, and it features songs lifted from the first two reunion albums 'Phoenix' and naturally 'Omega' plus a selection of all those classic tracks that have become so familiar and adored over the last 30 years.


Opening up in grandiose style with 'I Believe' straight outta a classically arranged intro tape and what instantly hits you is that the musicianship herein is second to none, with maturity obviously improving their particular art tenfold.  After this opener we straight back to where it all began with early single release 'Only Time Will Tell 'performed with such elegance the perfection is actually quite breathtaking. Up next we return to 'Omega' for a rendition of 'Holy War' and the continuation of mixing old and new works very well indeed through 'Never Again' and 'Through My Veins', before we get a re-arranged slower tempo version of the 1983 hit single 'Don't Cry', which here is turned into a beautifully performed piano piece.


Yes man Steve Howe takes the spotlight for his guitar moment on 'Alls A Chord' and 'The Valley Of Rocks' incorporates melody, classical techniques and musical intelligence.  For his solo spot Geoff Downes again shines magnificently on keyboards for 'The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 'so wonderfully harmonically accompanied by the vocals of John Wetton before we finish disc 1 with another epic track from 1983's 'Alpha' album with 'Open Your Eyes which for me has been a personal favourite since my teens and still as endearing today


As we move to disc 2 most aspects of the Asia back catalogue are covered here with 'Omega's' opening number 'Finger On The Trigger' rocking it up in true A.O.R. style albeit with that classic British musical undertone. A sound totally consistent with the overall quality of tuneage on the band's classic debut album track 'Time Again' which again stands proudly in the set next to 2008's 'An Extraordinary Life' and 2010's 'End Of The World'.


'Alpha' album track 'The Heat Goes On' illustrates once again the musician's individual high calibre, which if you like Aisa or not can only be grandly admired, before the beats of Carl Palmer continue the marathon set list with the epic pomp of 'Sole Survivor' before the commercial hooks of 'Go' ease us gently into - what else but the Asia tune of tunes 'Heat Of The Moment'. Which is you ask me is a rather British way to round things off perfectly.


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