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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 28 November 2011 05:00

002b9_fallingknivesProper old skool rock done well is as great as anything the metal world as a whole has to offer. While it may be simple in essence, the ability to do it justice is often overlooked. Voodoo Six are here to remind us just how great it can be.


With newish singer Luke Purdie really hitting the vocal highs that are needed to accompany this release you realise the importance of a great frontman - UFO and Bad Company may have had some stellar musicians in their ranks, but the frontmen really did boost their chances so much that it cannot be overlooked. I mention those two bands because VS remind me of both at times and that's just how good this lot COULD be if this is the evidence to go on.


You get three new tracks on this six track EP and the title track, 'Falling Knives', will have you instantly telling yourself "I didn't realise they were this good" - Voodoo Six may seemed to have been around for a while but they really do seem to have upped their game and come to the party with this release, prompting an immediate re-evaluation of the band. Second track 'Sharp Sand' is just more of the same, slightly Southern-tinged rock whilst still being undeniably British - a great track. The third new track, 'Stop', sees Purdie take a slight backstage presence to some great guitar work but he's undeniably become the star of the show. As I stated earlier, some bands just need that extra push a great singer gives them and Voodoo Six appear to be no different with the addition of Purdie to their ranks.


The last three tracks are re-workings and re-recordings of songs from their debut album. 'One More Day', 'Feed My Soul' and 'No Friend Of Mine' are much more than adequate but it's really the three new tracks that grab you by the throat and make you take note. These tracks are here apparently to reassure old fans that they won't be denying their past, they'll simply be pushing on and powering through to greater heights.


None of this is flashy or over complicated, it's just simple hard rocking music that deserves to be heard because it really is done that well. If you get the chance to listen to this or see the band live, then I can heartily recommend it after these six songs.


With major plans for the end of the year and 2012 in the pipeline, Voodoo Six may just be about to explode....