Diemonds - 'In The Rough' (Self Released) Print
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Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 26 November 2009 16:42

diemondsEver since this seven track, self released EP strutted into the Über Röck inbox I have been unashamedly rocking out with the proverbial cock out.....with a shit-eating Jani Lane grin slapped right across my face. Running for just over twenty minutes, 'In The Rough' is a short sharp shock that sounds like my teenage collection of Hit Parader magazines from the 80s got pulped and recycled as an ass-kicking Canadian sleazy rock band.


Get some fat Aerosmith riffs, mix them with the sound of early Mötley Crüe, throw in the best of two-decade-old hair metal hooks, get a badass band to play it and an extremely easy on the eye female vocalist to sing it and what do you get? Err...this!


Priya Panda is not yet out of her teens yet fronts this band with such a verve and confidence; I would say that she was full of spunk but people tell me that that particular statement doesn't translate perfectly in every corner of the world. I'll stick with attitude. The female voice laid over cool as fuck retro-fuelled rock 'n' roll throws a constant horns up in the direction of The Donnas. Check out 'White Walls' for proof. In fact, if you (like me) love the cover of 'Too Fast For Love' that featured on 'Get Skintight', the 1999 album by The Donnas, then I think that you will love Diemonds.


The video for the track 'Highway' features a classic shot of guitarist C.C. Diemond - possibly a stage name - getting his axe fired up with the aid of some jump cables prior to the song's solo; the humour shows that the band are really in this for the love of it, following no trends, simply playing the music that they love.....and doing it wearing big fat smiles.


Life has teeth, boys and girls. Every now and then you need to kick back and enjoy the moment - you could do a lot worse than let Diemonds provide the soundtrack to at least some of those moments. Canadian cool shit.