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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 15:47

Mongrel-Revenge-EPMisfits, Black Flag, The Bronx; all noted as influences on this five track EP of short, sharp and direct punk/metal. 


'Revenge'  kicks off with 'Scum' and I can see where these boys are coming from. Although the intro is full-on metal with lots of double bass patter, the vocals are spat out with 100% attitude.  2 minutes 14 seconds pass by without incident (but it was close). Not a love song in sight but Casey Chaos would be proud to own a song like 'Scum'. 


These guys would be a lot of fun in a sweaty club punkin' out an hour of this. 'I Won't Be Your Fuckin Crutch' goes the lyrics and they're spat out of the speaker (to be honest, I wouldn't dream of asking you to be with an attitude like that), 'Beyond Repair' only lasts a minute and a half but it says all it needs to, "Fucked up and beyond repair" - Nice! 'Butterknife Suicide' spits and snarls out of the speakers like it's on a mission with some great rumbling bass lines and snotty vocals from Drew Barker - very Black Flag / Misfits. 


The only complaint about this EP is the longest song is a shade over two minutes so it's over pretty quickly, short and sharp like a swift kick in the bollocks but in a nice way, if you know what I mean.


Pop over to and make 'em an offer and get these songs on your iPod now - you won't regret it. In a nutshell, it's a bomb blast of an EP that'll have you reaching for the loop button to hear 'em again and again. Mongrel's new album 'This Means War' is coming out early 2010 and if this is a taster as to what that is going to sound like then they will join the big boys league and I'll be there in the trenches with them, will you? Bring it on mofo!