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Written by Rob Watkins   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 08:56

soulcdNobody likes going to see the doctor, especially not this time of year, but did Über Röck really just request I go test my hearing with someone called the Soul Doctor?


My mind is really starting to play tricks on me.


Oh, you mean melodic rock singer extraordinaire Tommy Heart and his long time guitar sidekick Chris Lyne's band Soul Doctor.... OK panic over, and let the rocking commence.


When the founding members of Soul Doctor met way back in 1986, A.O.R music, big hair, cowboy boots and tight fitting ripped jeans were de rigor for most of us 'Rock' warriors. And it wasn't long before the new friends formed Heartlyne to fulfill our musical needs, but steady on now fans of Dangerous Music, as the mighty Robin George was nowhere to be seen.


Then in 1990 Tommy Heart co founded acclaimed Hanover melodic rockers Fair Warning for a hugely successful international career before returning with Lyne in 1999 to form Soul Doctor, releasing four albums of acclaimed arena rock and touring with the likes of Kingdom Come, Dio and Alice Cooper in the process.


So as the leggy blonde stocking clad receptionist calls out my name (I'd just like to point out that I'm painting a video image here, just give me the budget Über Röck and I'll make it happen....) it's time to leave the waiting room and visit album number five from Soul Doctor, 'Way Back To The Bone'.


Opening cut 'First Man On The Moon' opens with an almost Electric Boys/Cult sitar type intro that turns full circle into a Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake enthused sound that immediately has me wanting to see this band live...Epic is indeed an understatement. 'Lightning And Thunder' continues rather nicely along the Whitesnake A.O.R. trail. 'Can't Stand Losing' has me thinking of Steelheart, and has a massive crossover appeal due to Tommy's passionate vocals that also manage to strangely resonate the charms of a certain ex Take That member who is also just about to enter the comeback trail.


But let's not forget there are four members that make up Soul Doctor; original drummer Zacky returns to his stool this time around and he and his rhythm partner Jogy Rautenberg create the water tight backbeat that drives the pulsating singalong 'Love Crashed Down' before 'Times Of Yesterday' delivers the album's power ballad perfectly.


As we get to what would have been side two of the vinyl version of 'Way Back To The Bone' lead track 'Here Comes The Night' pounds away in your head making you recall everything that was great about the Eighties A.O.R. scene in seven minutes of near musical perfection, before the track melts into ahhhh... an acoustic outro, remember those?


'Heartache Heartbreak' meanwhile recalls fellow Germanic rockers Bonfire whilst 'Coming Home' is a fringed jacket of a song ready cut to fit the old school Bon Jovi fan out there. 'Welcome To The Party' and 'Take It While It's Hot' wraps things up in typical consummate arena rock fashion, and then quick as a flash my session with the Soul Doctor is over.


My prescription? To cure these long winter night blues get yourself a shot of melodic rock delivered by the Soul Doctor, and get 'Way Back To The Bone' in your collection. Guaranteed to make you feel good, take your shots daily maximum volume.


Now that didn't hurt did it?