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Written by Gaz E   
Monday, 23 November 2009 19:43

hate_galleryWhile it might seem a little odd that I should open a review of one of the most potent of new bands with a shout out to George A. Romero and his 1978 movie Dawn Of The Dead, I urge you to stick with me; the pay off is worth it.....honest.


To some, Romero's zombie sequel was dumb and full of...um...the flesh eating undead - a crowd pleaser; to the unblinkered the movie was a scathingly ironic attack on the possession-obsessed soulless automatons that the moron majority teetered on the brink of becoming. Just like his racial hatred allegory wrapped up in a low budget black and white movie a decade earlier, Romero provided a simple entertainment staple for the proles and a piece of free spirited art for the thinkers.....and that's where I get to Hate Gallery.


This is a band whose sound is a veritable tick list of all that is cool in music. In a way it is simple, loud, ass kicking rock music that will make heads nod and hands arc into classic air guitar positions; but to the thinkers, the intelligent, the educated, the uber rockers, this is a call to arms. This is a manifesto in music form, a wake up call to anyone listening who too has had enough of the sickening state of society in 2009. 'Dead Celebrities' is a record that spits in the face of the mouth breathers, yet embraces its kindred spirits.


The title track and lead single of this essential EP finds itself accompanied by an 'unofficial' music video that is quite possibly the finest promo piece of 2009 - using the media to attack the media in startling form. If you are wondering who inspired the fantastic lyric "I'm a pig full of hate, yet you bury me like a saint" then this visual cattle prod will soon open your eyes. If, however, your eyes are regularly used to 'educate' yourself using the cancerous tabloids correctly depicted in the video as the hypocritical scum of this earth then please stop reading, leave this site and never come back. You are a part of the problem. We don't want you.


'Dead Celebrity (Queen Of The Damned)' is as good a song as I have heard this year. Using a badass bass line as an introduction, this is a song that slays. A frightening dose of reality for those prepared to listen - make sure you assume that position. 'Liberation' is a hook-laden humdinger that has an Eighties aesthetic at its core. 'Love To Hate' is another lyrically astute monster that is the proud owner of a massive fucking riff, political samples and a wickedly cynical sneer.


Those of you that spend your days watching twenty four hour rolling news channel live footagef-HATE_GALLERY24ae58b810001c275 of a hearse driving past a salon while the sheep throw supermarket and petrol station flowers at the windscreen - I hope that the footage has been handed to the police and that these vandals are caught - might have missed the fact that a decent percentage of Hate Gallery make up the current incarnation of Warrior Soul. The influence of the latter is, happily, evident on 'New God', a song originally found on Hate Gallery's debut album 'Compassion Fatigue' but presented here in a "definitive" version.


'Dead Celebrities' is as revolutionary, and ultimately as cool, as a six track EP could ever hope to be. Hate Gallery offer us the chance to see the shape of things to come....in a number of ways. One of those is that this release acts as a teaser to the band's second full length album - 'Viva La Resistance' - due in early 2010.


Hate Gallery pretty much sum up the attitude of Über Röck, maybe that's why we have taken them so much to heart. That, and the awesome fucking music, of course! Buy 'Dead Celebrities' from the band's official Myspace profile and get it in a deal including a signed copy of the great 'Compassion Fatigue.'


The 'Dead Celebrities' EP, like the band that have created it, comapproved_image_lrges very highly recommended.