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Written by Gaz E   
Monday, 23 November 2009 19:02

elliot-minor-solarisPerhaps not the finest way to open a piece of writing about a band but, you know how certain bands have absolutely zero appeal to you and you rush for the remote control every time that they pop up on a music channel? Well, that was Elliot Minor to me.


So, why do I find myself writing this review when we have assembled a crack team of writers here at Über Röck ready to cover all the rock bases? Basically, every reviewer who I phoned to ask if they wanted to review this album appeared to be travelling through many tunnels. I even asked a fan of the band to join the site as a writer just to get this album a fair review. The answer? Nope. Here I am then, 'Solaris' on the headphones, press blurb in front of me, strong coffee set to stun, looking for something to get me interested. "Produced once again by Jim Wirt" - that'll do. Jim fixed it for me to love the Something Corporate material that he worked on.....and I'm away.


Support slots with McFly, tweenage fans, classical influences; Elliot Minor seriously did nothing for me. And now they are onto the clichéd 'difficult' second album. The thing is, the way I see it, this second album will be difficult only for certain fans of the band. The bouncy material of old that forced tears of joy onto the Claire's Accessories-clad chubby cheeks of teenage girls has been replaced by a distinctly more mature sound and attitude. Smart move; all those girls would have forgotten about Elliot Minor anyway as they lap up that turgid CGI bollocks otherwise known as 'The Twilight Saga.'


Who would have thought that I'd be thinking of words like 'epic' and 'grandiose' when reviewing this bunch of haircuts who hold their guitars way too high? That's the case though. While the influence of Muse may not be wholly apparent in the sound of the songs, it is like a neon light in the sound of the album. In attitude too. And who can blame these guys for doing it? When they get roundly dismissed in certain quarters for their tween-friendly pop tosh (guilty, m'lud) only the most stubborn of writers would curse them for trying to distance themselves from said budding thirteen year olds. And distance themselves they have. Only time will tell how this will affect the popularity of the band; credibility is coolest but it don't put new sneakers on the table, boys!


Apart from a section of the title track that sounds like it should be the soundtrack to a cinematic montage as Rocky Balboa has one of those trademark flashbacks, there is little fault to be found in this record. It is thoroughly decent and the fifty minutes that popped up on my sci-fi hi-fi when I slipped the disc in actually went by pretty quickly, and pleasantly, when they at first filled me with dread. And that, Elliot Minor, is all the kudos that you're gonna get from me - I have a reputation to uphold.


The biggest problem that the band face is their past; will fans of the first album accept this subtle and mature sound? Will fans of 'Solaris' ever be able to accept the pop plop that preceded it? Elliot Minor's future will be decided by the answers to these two questions. A little sad really considering that there is a real musical talent at the heart of the band.


One last thing; what is going on with frontman Alex Davies? I guess it is a reaction to his pin-up status of old but, c'mon, his new look is that of someone who has been dragged backwards through the proverbial hedge.....and said hedge is covered in shit. If it is simply a case of the fuse going in his straighteners before the photo session, then fair enough, but the guy looks like a dirty ewok and that, my friends, ain't as cute as it sounds.