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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 14 November 2009 16:01

circleofoneCircle Of One were certainly a new name to me and I popped their album 'Tied To The Machine' into my death deck with that usual 'new band' excitement stinging my nostrils...


The album opens with a ninety second prelude called 'Road To Guantanemo' - hmmmmm, really? The first track proper is the title track 'Tied To The Machine' and the first impression, or rather, second impression is that this is a very serious band with a very, no make that VERY, very produced sound - in fact, I'd go so far as to say the sound is friggin' huge. 


When the vocals kick in they could be mistaken for something like Stryper or Shy in their pomp - very grande. What you have here is an album that is equal parts heavy and melodic rock - very melodic in fact - and loads of harmony, all wrapped up in a very slick production. I guess if you like Queensryche then Circle Of One might be a band that you would want to check out. 


I have to wait until song number seven before I actually notice a track that gets my foot tapping;  'Automatic' has a decent riff but I'm finding it all a bit much and thirteen tracks seems a lot to take in of this type of heavy rock. It's slick, well crafted and played with equal parts power and melody and wrapped up in a stadium busting production - did I mention the production? -  ultimately this music is not for me, but that's not to say you guys shouldn't check it out NOW !!!