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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Monday, 09 November 2009 07:50

SlayerDamned if you do, damned if you don't. That must be what Slayer think every time they record an album these days, the constant clamouring for 'Reign In Blood II' versus the 'living on past glories' claims if they ever were to produce such a release.


So.... what's this new un like then? Well, let's get this straight, it's bloody good but it's also a bit different to what people have probably come to expect in recent years. 


Featuring one of the most stripped-down productions I've heard in many a year (courtesy of Greg Fidelman) this album could quite easily be passed off as the album that followed 'Hell Awaits' (had 'Reign In Blood' and all subsequent albums never happened). Instead of the monstrous riffs and grooves you get a lot of buzz-saw riffs and almost hardcore breakdowns. 


Typical of this is the opening title track, with its mid-paced opening riff, giving way to an 'Angel Of Death'-esque breakdown. 'World Painted Blood' is a great song and an immediate middle finger to trends. Let's not forget this is Slayer and they do it Slayer's way - alright fuckers.  Elsewhere 'Unit 731' could have fitted nicely onto 'Christ Illusion', three and a half minutes of total chaos. 'Snuff' is almost 'Dead Skin Mask II', all brooding menace. 'Hate Worldwide' is classic 'Show No Mercy'-era stuff. 'Public Display Of Dismemberment' spikes your drink and fucks you up in the toilets, blasting out of the traps, slipping into a breakdown, shredding a caustic solo and then sprint finishing through your body like a pure metal enema. 


Meanwhile 'Americon' and 'Not Of This God' are fucking huge. Mid-paced, laced with razor-sharp riffs set to rhythms that will shake your fucking brain loose. And then there's 'Psycopathy Red' which has been out there in the ether known as the web as a taster for some time now, and fuck me if it's not 'Necrophobic' in a brand new cold body suit. Lyrically 'World Painted Blood' doesn't fuck about either, Tom Araya delivering some of his most astute lyrics ever with a bile and gusto today's young pretenders can barely aspire to. There's plenty of life in this old dog on that front.


If you chose to purchase the deluxe version of 'World Painted Blood' you also get an additional 20-minute DVD featuring a rather unique view of these lyrics via horror director Mark Brooks's 'Playing With Dolls' film. This is a mixture of still photography and animation split into twelve chapters that also features some otherwise unreleased Slayer in chapter seven via the track 'Atrocity Vendor'. I'm not going to give the plot away but you can expect an uneasy viewing session and plenty of blood as standard...Nice.


So do you get the drift of where this album is coming from? 


Yes, it's a fucking Slayer album. It's not 'Reign In Blood II' but what it is, is a new take on the classic Slayer sound that adds a extra dimension to what is rumoured to be the first of their trilogy of career ending studio albums. 


'World Painted Blood' has everything you'd want, but never on your terms, it's all on Slayer's terms. Not comfortable with that? Tough. 'World Painted Blood' will not disappoint a true metal fan with a mind of their own. Anyone that doesn't see this can hop on the nearest approved_image_lrgbandwagon of their choice and fuck right off!!!