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Written by Rob Watkins   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 00:33

Creed_Full_CircleCreed - A formal statement of fundamental points of religious beliefs, a confession of faith.


Creed - A multi-platinum selling, Grammy Award winning, rock band from Tallahassee, Florida, dubbed 'post Grunge' by the mainstream media who just happen to also be sometimes labeled a Christian rock band.


So here I am with a copy of said band's brand new album 'Full Circle' and what an apt title it is. After three monumental albums between 1997 and 2004 (well four if you include the Greatest Hits package) the band's arena filling success ultimately led to them splitting up in June 2004.  You all know what happened to them next right...yup, Alter Bridge for Messrs Tremonti, Philips and Marshall, and seemingly a lot of Jack Daniels and one solo album for a now squeaky clean Scott Stapp.


When the announcement in April of 2009 was made that the band were back together rehearsing for a new album (Alter Bridge seemingly taking a hiatus), I thought to myself  "I don't care who knows anymore, I like Creed and I for one am glad they are back...BIG STYLE"


So what is 'Full Circle' like I hear you ask? Well, album opener and the album's first single 'Overcome' almost knocks me clean out every time I hear it, and then before I get my count of ten, another sucker punch tko's me in the form of 'Bread Of Shame'. Howard Benson's (Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and Skindred) production is gigantic and polished like a cue ball ready to smash up the pack. The overall sound allowing fans of the heavier type of rock to be able to appreciate the quality on offer here as well as open it up to lovers of much more melodic mainstream music.


And it is melody that is very much the driving force behind the second single from the album 'Rain' and the delicious 'Away In Silence.' With the colossal sounds on offer here I can also imagine this crossing over to what I like to call the 'Nickelback Nuggets' or as Johnny H would refer to as 'dinner party music fans'. Either way, another Platinum disc seems but a stone throw away with 'Full Circle'.


Credit must also go to Scott Stapp who turns in a wondrous vocal performance throughout the album that perfectly fits with the humongous riffs and moodswings that Mark Tremonti conjours from his guitar box of tricks.


There really are no fillers on 'Full Circle', I've tried to find them but they just don't exisit; I mean, 'Fear' more monster riffing, 'On My Sleeve' strings, melody and then metal and then 'Full Circle' and 'Time' both contain perfect vocals and could be labelled all round classic Creed.


'Full Circle' really is a must listen album, and maybe just maybe one for all of your Christmas stockings. With the band seemingly looking to tour Europe in 2010 it's time for all to say with arms wide open 'WELCOME BACK CREED'.