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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 02 November 2009 19:22

1sltDare you open this Pandora's box of twisted, dark, glam, sleazy, theatrically punctuated rock?  For the best results put the headphones on, sit back, crank it up to almost uncomfortable levels and open your mind to take it all in. You won't regret it.

"Turn up the level!!!!" snarls Lord Zion as he cracks the whip on set opener 'Sex, Drugs & Heavy Metal' and that, as the song goes, is all I ever needed. A big fat rousing "fuck yeah" to that Mr Zion, sir. There's a dash of 70's glam rock, a little of that US glam and a splattering of sleaze as well for good measure on this album...and some 80's pop craft too. But don't be fooled - there is so much more to this album. It is dramatic and grande and why fucking not?


People will no doubt try and pigeon hole this as simply a glam album but there's a lot more going on than that; I've just heard a dash of Adam And The Ants being played with the spirit of Sigue Sigue Sputnik using the Pistols' amps. It's a right jolly mixed bag we have here folks - one minute I think that's a Marilyn Manson drum beat but then I hear a bitchin' riff on Cyndi Rott's axe bleed through my speakers, and that's something that someone like Manson just doesn't have. We have darkness and light, hell 'Dead Girl Walking' mixes The Cramps with this "noughties glam slam" and mighty fine it is too.


I had a tune that I couldn't stop humming for the past week and I couldn't for the life of me think what it was until it came rolling out of the speakers at me; Spit Like This had planted a glam bomb in my head, called it 'Pussywhipped' and cursed it with an electronic intro that twists into some mighty fine axe work once again from Herr Rott. Damn it, I'm not even sure I should be liking this....but I do. 


There is a feeling of twisted theatre about this record and I'm sure Lord Zion intended to wear his influences on his sleeve.....that is if he could be bothered to wear any sleeves. This is a right bitch's brew spread over fourteen tracks and all wrapped up in a lavish package. Spit Like This are a band who are intent and focussed on delivering the real deal so honour that attitude people - don't go and download this, buy it! Go see one of the shows or badger your local HMV or independent shop to stock it. Music is still very much a tactile experience and this is a band that has worked damn hard to produce a product that needs to be seen from the poster and classy artwork. Spit Like This should be massive in 2010 and you can say you were there when they took off.

I took the liberty of getting the low down from Lord Zion on what the album's songs were about and he duly obliged. In a nutshell, we have songs about a rock 'n' roll call to arms, necrophilia, soiled knickers, oral sex....and that's just mentioning a few. I could have reproduced them here but I thought I'd let the listener guess which is which! This is a band that doesn't want to be the next Guns N' Roses or Motley Crue but the first Spit Like This! There are definitely bits and bobs of such rock monsters in this record but it does stand alone and is certainly original. Go check it out before you have to play catch up with the cool, in-the-know set.

approved_image_lrgGet it from Play.com, Amazon and HMV online amongst others. You will not regret it!