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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 02 November 2009 12:30

1aimeeSaving Aimee came to my attention when I saw their 'Fresh Since 88' promo on a satellite TV channel. So, after liking what I heard, I immediately pre-ordered 'We're The Good Guys', their debut album.


The afore-mentioned single 'Fresh Since 88' is a prime cut of Survivor-style AOR mixed with a pop punk edge. I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing at first, but then was quite happy to sit back and bask in its glory. Simply put...I love this song.


So imagine my disappointment when I finally got my hands on their debut album only to find that 'Fresh...' is by far the best track on the album and that the rest of it, while good, is not as great as I was led to believe via the single.


The album was produced by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness/Hot Leg fame and, to give you an indication of the sound here, I'd have to mention Simple Plan and All Time Low but with Justin Hawkins' mannerisms (but not the falsetto he is known for) and that's pretty much how the rest of the album plays out. Other notable songs here are title track 'We're The Good Guys' and 'Honesty Is The Best Policy.'


I look forward to seeing these guys live as I think the songs will be great in a live setting...