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Written by Phil Cooper   
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 04:40

Defecto artworkFormed in 2011 and hailing from Denmark, melodic metallers Defecto are back with their second album ‘Nemesis’. With their first full album released in 2016, the quartet have built on an established core fanbase and have been able to pick up high profile slots supporting the likes of Metallica and Rammstein. Since inception, Defecto have picked up numerous praise and accolades including ‘Best Metal Band 2012’. This latest release is set to see them develop the progressive melodic side of their style and project them further into the metal community. As is well documented the second album is often the hardest to get right, are Defecto going to be able to live up to the previous acclaim already achieved?


The listener is greeted by a swirling mass of strings and symphonic layering for album opener ‘The Final Night of Silence’. The track develops over 1:55, growing as the textured layers of strings build. Clearly the progressive side of the band is showing through with the music matching the appropriately operatic title, it’s orchestral nature displaying the grandiose styles of progressive melodic metal culminating in a simple piano line and thunderstorm. The movement leads excellently into the title track. ‘Nemesis’ picks up with a rapid keyboard line before a crunching riff punctuated by drums introduces the full sound of the band. Defecto produce a wall of sound and display a band that are well versed in their instruments and are capable of writing not only memorable tracks but also cover all the basis for melodic metal. The chorus opens up into a huge sound and with the reverb on the vocals there is a definite opera feel to the delivery.


‘Savage’ represents the lead single from the album, and it’s clear from the opening bars why this track was chosen to advertise the sound of this album. The intro is provided by the catchiest guitar riff on ‘Nemesis’, with an almost heavy blues like quality attached to it thanks to the slide guitar in the background. ‘Savage’ is a rapid paced track with the verse sections propelled by the guitar riff and tribal like drumming, once the chorus section is reached the track develops into a more expansive sound. The vocals are once again mixed high to cut through the instrumentation and doubled up with harmonies and washed with reverb. The sound of guitar, bass and drums is bolstered with synthesisers and brass samples in order to drive home the colossal sound that they are reaching for. The guitar solo displays the full range of virtuosity displayed thus far, employing not only the fast shredding that one would expect within the genre but also combining it with a blues based edge to fit in with the feel of track.



‘Ode to The Damned’ stands out as one of the longest tracks on the album and opens with a suitably atmospheric introduction. The thunderstorm samples make a return coupled with a flamenco style acoustic guitar hook. Gradually the introduction builds as a distorted guitar is added to the mix and then a blast beat from the drummer heralds the arrival of the band in full. There’s a distinctive early Trivium feel to this track, with the powerful melody carried forward by the distorted guitar and the rhythm section driving the track forward. The vocals are harmonised well and alternate between clear melodic lines and guttural punctuations. Dynamically the track shifts between the sparse acoustic guitar lines coupled with the samples and synthesisers and the brute force of thrash provided by the full instrumentation. Despite its length, ‘Ode to The Damned’ remains fresh throughout, it offers a wealth of different techniques that keeps the track exciting for the listener and stops it from becoming stagnant.


There is a lot to like about ‘Nemesis’, big powerful riffs combined with great song-writing and catchy melodies tick all the boxes for the genre of melodic metal. The addition of the orchestral samples and operatic like vocals provide a progressive edge to the music that enables Defecto to standout from their peers. Tracks such as ‘Gravity’ and ‘Before the Veil’ provide moments of head down straight forward metal that would work well to start up a pit, but also coupled with big catchy choruses that will provide a huge singalong. ‘Savage’ provides a different blues edged groove that showcases a different element of the band yet still clearly keeps it cohesive with their established sound. The album is well put together with its track listing mirroring the dynamic techniques of the band. There is the progressive swelling intro which builds into the fast-paced numbers, it then shifts down a gear with the piano led ‘The Sacrificed’ before rebuilding through ‘Ode…’ and frantically picking up speed to the penultimate, ferocious, ‘We’re All The Enemy’. The whole thing then comes full circle with the closer of ‘Ascend to Heaven’. If ‘Nemesis’ is musically representative of where Defecto are at the moment, then album three will have to be something special indeed to beat it.


Nemesis is released on Saturday (2 December). You can get your copy HERE.


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