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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 04:20

Rush A FarewellReissues of classic albums are hardly a new thing. The original ‘A Farewell To Kings’ was the fifth studio album by Rush, released in 1977, and was the first US Gold selling album for the band, eventually becoming Platinum. It has previously been reissued in 1997 and 2011.


So, what's new in this version, I hear you ask? Well, it's a triple CD/four LP release, for a start. As well as the original album having been remastered, it includes the full 2015 remastered version for disc one; there is the full live set from the Hammersmith Odeon in 1978, which was one of the UK dates for the ‘A Farewell To Kings’ tour promoting the album; there are several previously unreleased live tracks, in the form of the ‘2112’ suite, ‘Lakeside Park’, ‘Closer To The Heart’ and a Neil Peart drum solo. The live album is also a newly mixed version, taken by Terry Brown, the Rush engineer and the producer of the original ‘A Farewell To Kings’ album, using the multi-track live tapes.



The third disc contains something new entirely. Four other bands and artists have been brought in to cover four of the tracks from the ‘A Farewell To Kings’ album, in the shape of ‘Xanadu’ (Dream Theater), ‘Closer To The Heart’ (Big Wreck), ‘Cinderella Man’ (The Trews) and ‘Madrigal’ (Alain Johannes), along with a studio instrumental by the name of ‘Cygnus X-2 Eh’. These tracks provide something actually different from what I would normally expect on a reissue, giving four highly talented bands and artists who were influenced by Rush, as so many others were and still are, a chance to show their own imaginations with the songs that inspire them. The Dream Theater cover is not entirely unexpected, given they have repeatedly teased the beginning of ‘Xanadu’ at live shows before, though they have previously not covered this track in full.


Overall, both the electronic versions and physical copies have enough new stuff added in that it should please most Rush fans, especially the diehards. The physical copies will also have new liner notes from rock historian Rob Bowman and new artwork from the band's long-term creative director, Hugh Syme. There will also be a super deluxe edition, containing a new remix of the original album by Steven Wilson in 5.1 surround sound. The new tracks add further enjoyment to an already classic album and make it a worthwhile addition to your collection.


‘A Farewell To Kings’ is released on Friday (1 December). You can get your copy HERE.


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