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Written by Nick Russell   
Friday, 17 November 2017 04:00

The King Is Blind artworkI’m late, I’m late for a very important date, as a certain mad fictional character once said! I say that as I have to apologise to The King Is Blind for the delay in this review. I was sent the rather good promo package of the album, bio, lyrics and some great notes about the story arc that runs through the album, some time ago. And as I type this, the album has been out for more than four weeks now as well, but there is a very good reason it’s taken this long, more on that later.


‘We Are The Parasite We Are The Cancer’ is the follow-up to their rather good debut, ‘Our Father’, released early in 2016. Following up the release with some great live shows, including killer sets at Bloodstock and Download, the anticipation levels for this new album were high. Would the East Anglian noise makers be able to follow up such a good album?


The fairly restrained but no less heavy start of opener ‘Patriarch’ lasts for about a quarter of way through the track before the hail of blackened death metal riffs, pounding drums and screeched vocals comes to kick you in the face. No respite either with ‘Embers of a Dying Son’ and it’s ultra-fast picked black metal style riff. Only the second track in and it’s clear The King Is Blind like to mix things up within each song, with heavy metal harmony guitars and even a breakdown as well amongst the speedy heavy madness. Things calm down somewhat with the ultra-heavy doom of ‘Like Gods Departed’, although the Dismember sounding tone of death metal riffs are never too far behind.


‘Mantra XIII’ is more of a mid-paced heavy chugger with elements of pure heavy metal in there as well. The next song is one of my fave’s here, ‘The Sky Is a Mirror’ with its heavy grinding riff and cool guitar accents all over, a great tune. The concept, for indeed this is a concept album, is basically about how man has and continues to ruin the world we live in, but from an angle of the devil creating the havoc because man has given up on god and the downfall of our own morality. Although don’t be thinking this is some proggy King Crimson concept, this is full on in your face visceral nastiness.


‘Idolatry of Self’ has a heavier than Pantera groove to it, complete with a relative punky chorus, a Celtic Frost inspired solo and a real old school feel to it. ‘As Vermin Swarm’ is a pure death metal chugger and followed by the thrashing rager of a tune that is ‘Godfrost’, a headbanging delight. The brooding heaviness of ‘The Burden Of Their Scars’ brings things to a close, with vocalist Steve Tovey impassioned cries of “we have no choice”, the end of man, but with the very last words of hope – “we always have a choice”.



There is without a doubt a lot going on with this album: an insightful, interesting, thought-provoking story and lyrics, with a real smorgasbord of musical influences within its grooves. But all contributing to a sound that is just pure The King Is Blind, heavy as fuck metal. The production is killer, the guitars are tight, sharp and heavy, the rhythm section underpins everything and the vocals are brutal and aggressive.


There have been some great genre-defining metal albums released in the last couple of years: Behemoth’s ‘The Satanist’ and Gojira’s ‘Magma’ are now resounding classics. The more I listened to this and took it all in, the more I came to the conclusion that this can hold its own against such gems: it is simply that good!


By the standards set here, The King Is Blind are worthy to take on the world.


‘We Are The Parasite We Are The Cancer’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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