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Written by Mark Ashby   
Thursday, 16 November 2017 04:20

Witterquick Fire Ice artworkIt was the morning after the Friday night before, and I didn’t want something too heavy too early, so I slipped this little shiny disc in to see if it would help wake me up gently – and, you know, it did the trick, with its four tracks of breezy pop rock of the kind that clutters up the radio airwaves and has the mainstream media foaming at the mouths at having discovered “the next big thing”.


Opener ‘Shattered Sun’, with its lyrical refrain of “make me feel alive”, does just words the say: a nice uptempo slice of pop with a catchy riff and a hummable chorus. ‘Lie To Me’ is more of the same, albeit at a gentler pace, with a decent hook and a great vocal delivery from Will Alford.


‘Hiding Place’ is the sort of stuff fans of Mallory Knox and Young Guns (and even 30 Seconds To Mars) will cream their designer ripped jeans over (if they’re old enough to do so), with a nice wee chugging riff from Ben Chanter, while ‘I Need A Friend Tonight’ takes us home with a warm embrace and a nice wee smile on our faces knowing that this atmospheric little number is a case of saving the best till last.


A pleasant enough listen which served its purpose of blowing those cobwebs away.



‘Fire & Ice’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE




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