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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 09 November 2017 04:40

Jaya The Cat artworkAvid readers of Über Rock will be familiar with the site’s love of all things Jaya, from the spin-off reviews to interviews to live reviews we've carried over time for these Europhiles from the Americas and their brand of reggae/punk.  When I got a sniff that a new album was going to drop, those good guys at Bomber sent me the files and it’s not been far from my headphones and speakers since.


Personally, I don't think it's fair to write these cats off as a reggae/punk hybrid, because there is so much more than a glib first impression or tag people like to hang a band from in this day and age of easy come easy go, download, listen and move o:n I think it's a disservice to a band who have managed to create their own little bit of magic that they then sprinkle on our speakers.  To me, Jaya The Cat encapsulate the rock and roll pirates lifestyle, marauding the globe selling their wares and spreading a little bit of magic wherever they go - and the legacy they will leave behind will be unique, uplifting and rewarding: but only if you invest the time into jumping on board with what Jaya The Cat is all about.


Over a dozen songs all unique - all telling tales of life, love, loss and enjoying the ride.  Referencing Huddersfield (a unique happening right there), when their gone they want to be thrown into the sea – but, boy, will they have a tale to tell before they go.  From the punkier edged 'Just Leave Me There', where they can riff with the best of them, to the easy going laid back of the aforementioned 'Huddersfield Rain' or the gentle skank of 'Wreckage' to the horn honking reggae of 'Fucking In Love', Jaya The Cat has a heart and a soul as big as the Atlantic.



The album begins with the chilled out skank of 'Wine Stained Futon' that has a bit of The Specials in its DNA before veering off.  Lead single 'Sweet Eurotrash' is the perfect introduction to this new long player - but file under one of the albums easy listening numbers with its snake charming rhythm before you get swept away. Having had this for quite a while, I think it’s safe to say that this is by far the finest, most coherent album to date from Jaya The Cat, and one that isn't just full of cool ideas and sounds but full of excellent songs that climb into your head, attach themselves to your brain and refuse to be shaken off - my advice: grab a beer and chill and let the horns of 'Black Heart' calm you down.


Jaya The Cat has the rare ability to tell a great story with their lyrics and added to that they mix up a heap of genres from the rock ‘n’ roll of 'Amsterdam' to the Keith Richards and his expensive Winos skank of 'Fucking In Love', with some splendid arrangements: then throw into the mix the attitude-laden punk rock of 'Just Leave Me There' and, as the album wears on, 'Sunday Morning' kicks back with a great chorus, Then there’s the experimental noises of the album’s title track with its warmth and sincere feel: I love the backing vocals here… I don't feel Damned at all.  


The strings are out for the 'Streets Of Shoreditch', which help create an epic picture as the song ebbs and flows.  'Mad At You' is the penultimate track and a pretty straightforward tale is knocked out of the park before 'Drunk Balloon' closes this pretty epic album in some style that can only be Jaya The Cat.  Established Fans will love it and new fans will curse how it’s taken them so long to become acquainted with such a force of nature and downright talented band of brothers who have this rare commodity in music these days known as talent and songs and the ability to turn that into a great album that will get better and better over time.


One of the finest albums to be released this year - no doubt about that at all! 


‘A Good Day For The Damned’ is released on 17 November. You can get your copy HERE.


Jaya The Cat play the following dates in December:


Tuesday 5 – London, The Underworld

Wednesday 6 – Huddersfield, The Parish

Thursday 7 – Newcastle Upon Tyne, Think Tank

Friday 8 – Bradford, The Underground

Saturday 9 – Edinburgh, Smash

Sunday 10 – Bristol, The Fleece (Xmas Ska Fest)




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