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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 08 November 2017 04:00

Indonesian JunkAnother day, another Rum Bar Records release and another day my world is that little bit brighter.  If anyone ever tells you that there is no new music being created, it’s all been done before and it's never any good - please think of me when you stick the nut in and tell ‘em to go visit the Rum Bar for a kick off as that place has the finest of jukeboxes, based on what its releasing month after month.


Starting off with a PMRC bating backwards message (I'm sure it says “do it do it” - or not), as soon as the music starts you know that these guys are knee deep in snotty Dead Boys records and the only station they can get in the car is some ‘80s power pop show that just repeats classic after classic.  They were clearly brought up on pop tarts, comic books, hand me down clothes and cheap instruments - all being the perfect tools to hone their craft of punk rock power pop.  The sneer on the vocals is perfectly showcased on the title track as it rolls around in its sleazy rhythm before crashing to its end; then 'I'll Run Away' sprints in like an early Elvis Costello track being jammed on by Geldof and his Rats whilst high on cheap speed. Indonesian Junk have the chops and the authentic style to pull off this snotty power pop with plenty of spirit with some to spare. 


Dodging bullets in the gun crime capital of America (so my TV told me on the weekend) Milwaukee, these three punk rock ‘n’ rollas are redressing the balance with a whole bunch of power pop 'n' punk suss like what Milwaukee should be famous for - its rock n roll.  You know the drill, and you know what you get when a band like Indonesian Junk rock up to the stereo. 


Spread out over ten tracks they rock and roll and then some, they don't often stray from the path and you'll happen across a hidden gem laid deep in the bedrock of this album when you hit 'Tonight', which sounds like it was penned using the spirit of Stiv and his 'Disconnected' period - great song: simple and effective.  Oh, wait, hang on… we've reached the end and that's an acoustic guitar as 'On The Run' stumbles out of the bar all blurry eyed: a perfect way to end this record.  


I love me some power pop and I love me some snotty punk rock old school, so it's no surprise that Indonesian Junk tick all my boxes. The final knockings of this album held the best songs, which is great and a welcome surprise. So, of course I'm gonna tell you to head over to the Rum Bar for a shot or two, but this time of rock ‘n’ roll.  


‘Stars In The Night’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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