Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – ‘Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons’ EP (Motorhead Music/UDR Records) Print
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Written by Dave Prince   
Tuesday, 29 November 2016 03:30

Phil Campbell ATBSo much has been said about the main man's past that I'm gonna concentrate on this EP and the future, which if going by the songs on this five-track EP, is looking very good, especially for these bastards!

Obviously the main name here is Phil Campbell, who stood toe to toe with Lemmy and Motorhead for over three decades. But here he is joined by his three sons, Tyla, Dane and Todd, alongside "adopted brother" vocalist Neil Starr, formerly of renowned Welsh rocks acts Dopamine and Attack! Attack!


I must admit that the band sound absolutely huge on the opening cut here; with 'Big Mouth', Phil has wasted no time in doing what he knows best and rocking out like a mother trucker, alongside his boys - and he must be one happy papa.


'Spiders' again, does exactly what it needs to do and the groove that resonates throughout the song is sublime! 'Take Aim' is a no holds barred song that whilst rocking out, delivers a lush melody that belies Phil's 'Head past. This is the kind of music I love, hard music for also love a bit melody. 


'No Turning Back' is very reminiscent of Phil's past, and once you hear it, you know exactly what I mean. Although once past the verses and into the chorus - the song becomes something else entirely! Last song up is the rather delicious 'Life in Space' and come complete with lush acoustics.


While the band sound on fire here, praise must go to Neil Starr, who really comes into his own.