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Written by Nick Russell   
Tuesday, 29 November 2016 03:00

Electric Six - Fresh BloodMy knowledge and experience with Detroit’s Electric Six is pretty much the same as the majority of people: the band that did those singles ‘Danger!High Voltage’ and ‘Gay Bar’. Which does a huge dis-service to someone with a 20-year history and finds them releasing their 12th album. I remember my brother going to see them a few years ago, and saying how good they were, so I thought why not give it a try.


The opening track, ‘Acid Reducer’ sounds like the sort of electro soundtrack you would get with a really bad 80’s sci-fi film. ‘The Number Of The Beast’ isn’t a cover of the Irons classic but a guitar driven electro pop song. ‘Mood Is Improving’ has a funky back beat, sounding a bit Cheap Trick-ish as well. ‘I’ll Be In Touch’ has more of a smooth groove weirdo electro rock vibe to it. Meanwhile ‘Lottery Reptiles’ is more of industrial tinged electro punk tune. The funky-ness returns with ‘Dance With Dark Forces’, all the while showing how slightly strange they are.


‘My Dreams’ is a dancey tune, well in a dark almost John Foxx way, although with these lyrics they’d never get on TOTP! It has a real make you want to dance vibe to it. ‘I Got The Box’ is nearer to those old tunes, with its distorted guitar. ‘Lee Did This To Me’ could be the Vapours but with a slightly more electro feel, whilst ‘Greener Pastures’ could be Ginger Wildheart at his most eclectic. ‘The Lovers Pie’ is a totally poptastic cross of Level 42 and ‘Holiday’ era Madonna! The final track is a bit of an acoustic driven epic, unbelievably in the vein of G’N’R’s ‘November Rain’! More surprising is that it’s rather good!


The best way I can describe Electric Six is like a slightly twisted dark cross between Lady Gaga and Cheap Trick, both at their most quirky, all encompassed in a very electro groove. Certainly, different to my normal fare but it has a charm all its own.


Weird and interesting.




Electric Six are currently touring the UK.  Remaining dates can be found HERE.