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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 23 November 2016 03:00

Baby ScreamBaby Scream are in the house and eight perfectly crafted acoustic driven slices of power pop is the order of the day - and you just know its gonna be winning you over before you reach the fourth bar. 


Inject a little sense of humour and we're off as 'Lifes Better When U R High' Electro acoustic opener with a melody that's Lennon singing a Frankie Miller chart topper from the 70s.  It's as simple as that really its catchy and succinct and exactly how this style of music should be delivered. El perfecto masseur. 


'The Ballad Of Music Biz' will make you smile as the strings tug on your aching heart  and you wipe away the single tear you shed as the lyrics turn that frown upside down and all is well again.


If you want twisted lyrics then 'Climbing Down' would give Trigger Mcpoopshute a run for their money. The music is lush strings a cool backbeat accompanied by big sounding acoustic guitars as the ghost of Marc Bolan is also evoked in those backing vocals. 


'Wish You Were Beer' is a song title that plenty could relate to no doubt about it and we're hanging onto Juan Pablos every word as he sings his sermon from the rock and roll pulpit and it's another great big Amen from this congregation! throw in an alleluia as well while you're at it.


If you want big ballads then 'Jokes' will entertain and if you want some Big Star kinda love then 'The Road Bends' is your jam.  One thing for sure is these songs are beautifully crafted and lovingly captured for our listening pleasure and it’s the work of someone who clearly has a deep, deep love for his genre of music and that rare gift of knowing exactly how to deliver those goods.  Take a bow Mr Mazzola you are a shining light in an ever-darkening world.