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Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 22 November 2016 03:20

Alex Maiorano - Everything BoomBringing the spirit of a New York Doll, Italian stallions Alex Maiorano and drummer Alessio D'Alessandro departed from their native Italy for Berlin to make their rock 'n' roll dreams a reality. From solo artist to fully fledged band, Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales now bring roots-based rock 'n' roll with a good dose of funk and soul to the party and you better be ready to join in as it's an endless party by all accounts.


Featuring eight tracks, split into side one and side two, The Black Tales groove is a mighty fine one that blurs the lines between vintage Hanoi Rocks and the New York Dolls, with a good smattering of Gogol Bordello gypsy punk thrown in for good measure. 


'Black Snake' is pure garage rock 'n' roll to the bone, a Thunders/Johansen groove complete with honky-tonk keys and stabs of sax completed by Maiorano's seductive drawl. Oh yeah, I'm hooked before the first chorus hits. This reminds me of classic Diamond Dogs, it's that good.


'Green Sin Bags' is like a mariachi Stones circa '72. The more I listen, the more I hear the influence of The Rolling Stones and I love it. 


There's a soulful feel to'Get, Get It'and they bring a 70's New York groove to 'Everybody Free' the closing lead and backing vocal face off so reminiscent of classic New York Dolls. That completes side 1 in style, mixing up the Dolls and The Stones to perfection.


Side 2 kicks off with bongos, saxophone and punky riffage. Yes, there's all manner of funky craziness going on in 'Man With Soul'. 'Desperado With The Ukulele Sound' wins song title of the year, a song straight from the dynamite jet saloon book of songwriting. And ska and calypso influences come to play in 'Three Boys In One Night' as The Black Tales take the party left of centre and oh they do it so well.


'She Wasn't Around' is a rustic gypsy tale with a catchy-as-fuck hook going on. Cut from the same cloth the The Urban Voodoo Machine weave so well into their sound, this is a party anthem that will not leave your head in a hurry, a killer sound indeed, and a song that leaves the listener on a natural high, wanting more.


Whether it's Latin rhythms, gypsy drinking songs, whiskey soaked blues or high energy rock 'n' roll, The Black Tales bring it all to the table. It's no surprise to find out The Black Tales are playing the 10th anniversary show of The Gypsy Hotel in Lexington as a write these words. And if you don't know the connection, let’s just say this band are the perfect support for Paul-Ronney Angel's band of ne'er do well's.


Shit man, they've only released these 8 songs! The upside...this came out a couple of years back now, so surely a sophomore release will be in the pipeline sometime soon I hope. You like The Dolls, The Dog's and Hanoi Rocks, you love gypsy punk and good time rock 'n' roll? Then this album is right up your street.