Brutally Deceased – ‘Satanic Corpse’ (Doomentia Records) Print
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Written by Nick Russell   
Friday, 18 November 2016 03:20

a3589514029 10I don’t think it will come as any great surprise as to what sort of music Czech band Brutally Deceased play. Formed in 2007, this release is their third full-length album. And with an album title like ‘Satanic Corpse’, you pretty much know it’s likely to be some brutal grindcore tinged death metal. For once, it does exactly what it says on the tin.


With the opening chords of ‘The Art Of Dying’ blasting out in a hail of fast death metal riffs, it sets the dense tone for the record. More of the same with ‘The Disclosure (In The Circle Of)’ before it slows down to that groove that Swedish death metal bands are so good at, with ‘Hostile Earth’.


‘Epoch of Denial’ brings everything back up to warp speed, whilst ‘Where No Gods Dare’ has a more black metal riff behind the blast beat drums, Ruthless Cleansing being more of the same.


‘Withstanding The Funeral’ is death metal by numbers before the more groovy buzzing riff of ‘At One With The Dead’ comes in, changing to a galloping riff a la Maiden, sounding not unlike a DM treated ‘The Trooper’! The pace drops for the last track, ‘In Torment We Shall Strive’, but it fails to shine.


This is a typical Swedish sounding death metal album, with that dirty buzzsaw guitar tone that made bands like Grave, Dismember, Entombed and more recently Black Breath sound so good. It’s heavy, intense, sounds big, just what you would want: but to these well-worn ears, it’s not outstanding.


If I want to listen to classic Swedish style death metal, I’d rather give those aforementioned bands the nod, masters of their craft. Brutally Deceased just don’t quite match up.