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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 18 November 2016 03:00

hunters-dead-endThrow a bunch of class albums like Aerosmith 'Rocks' into a melting pot with early Hanoi Rocks and early UK Subs add some rock and roll like Alice Cooper (early Alice mind not the modern rubbish), splice in a really decent understanding of Chuck Berry and you're part way to imagining what Hunters are about and what it is they do.


As you might imagine, I get to hear a lot of music over a year and not all of it catches one’s attention. But, every now and then, a band from whom you get to hear a track or two can really blow you away - well let me introduce you to Hunters and their debut album 'Dead End'. 


Hailing from Finland, this five piece of good time rock and rollas have got that little something special embedded in the grooves of their record that you haven't got a clue as to what exactly it is or where it even comes from, but one thing you know for sure is they can write and carry a tune or two and man does that feel good!


I'm jumping the gun a little here because 'Get Rid Of You' has just rumbled into my speakers and from the reckless backbeat to the whisky and cigarette vocals this is 100% authentic rock and roll from the timeless guitar fills and solo to the melody - you know it makes absolute sense and as 'We're Alright' sounds like the best party anthem you've heard in a while it’s the sloppy thrown together loose feel of things that grabs you.  It’s exactly the same spirit Hanoi Rocks had early on and drew people in because they didn't know if it was punk rock or just rock and roll or new wave or what but you know at the end of the day it didn't matter because the quality is all there in the music and for me Hunters is all about the songs and this record has ten of them and from top to bottom there isn't one single filler or drop in standard and for me that's what sets bands apart.​​


Keith Richards said once that bands can rock but not many can Roll. Well, Keith would agree, I'm sure that Hunters indeed have the rock but damn, these cats can also Roll! and that's what would set them apart from many new bands coming out at the moment.  It's not original in the slightest- the band don't have an original gimmick nor do they hop onto the latest trend, they've been described as 'Streetrock' which I guess is organic - grounded - raw edged which is good for a starter.


In many respects, this reminds me of when I heard the first Guns N Roses EP: it wasn't original, and it had a few covers, but 'Move To The City' had something and it was rock and roll with energy and plenty of X Factor (regardless of what happened to that band).  Hunters have some of that in their songs and that can only be a good thing. Songs + passion + style and substance =retty damn convincing to me.


The album kicks off with the title track 'Dead End' and what a banger it is.  Part Bowie, part big 70s glam bang and part 'fuck it lets wing it but make sure this shit swings' rock And roll, boy have Hunters nailed it, from the off with the mainline rock and rolla guitar solos that cut to the chase and the big swing in the verse to the Hanoi floor tom on the breakdown - class!



The band aren't a flash in the pan either as these songs (or at least some of them) have been slowly burning since 2013: 'Radio' is one of those, and again that magic dust you hear from time to time is here in abundance, as vocalist Eki rasps out the melody that is made by those gang vocals that are plentiful and right on the money.  They manage to tick the box of cool bands name checked in 'Tribute' which kinda sums it up in three minutes perfectly from the Chuck Berry licks to that Jerry Lee piano honking away in the corner its summed up perfectly with the final refrain of "It's just Rock And Roll" - couldn't have said it better myself. 


'Before You' is Johnny Thunders at his loosest best playing some good time rock and roll. Sylvain Sylvain should have guested on the solo: it would have been perfect then what with those Bolan T Rexstacy 'Arghs' on the way out - great stuff!


Closing side one is the catchy 'Young Blood', and its happy go lucky approach is exactly what's needed, and it's twisting my melon as to what is the perfect Hunters song because I'm hearing ten of 'em.


If you like any of the bands referenced in this review, then I can only urge you to check this out, as it will easily fly into your end of year top ten without much effort – and, who knows, you might even be hearing your new favourite band?


'Crackdown' has an arrogance about it as the lead guitars trade licks before the vocals enter the frey like they've been out all night on the best all night bender imaginable, but they've got a job to do and no hangover is gonna derail this freight train.



If you haven't been convinced yet, then let 'Shivers' wash over you with its happy go lucky beat and before you know it you'll be singing along. 'Get Wrecked' and 'We're Alright' close this record in style, and I'm flipping it over and going back for some more because I can assure you that you can never have too much of a good thing, and 'Dead End' is addictive and as much of a good thing as is legally allowed on records these days in most continents.  


Don't hesitate: get in at the ground floor - Hunters 'Dead End' is all killer and no filler!


‘Dead End’ is out now. You can order your copy HERE.