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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 17 November 2016 03:00

62156 Radio-Dead-Ones-celebrate-the-end-PRE-ORDERSimmer down punk rockers, for I come bearing gifts and this one is the posthumous release that should have come out a couple of years ago before these cats called it a day - that wait is now over and common sense has prevailed and in my grubby hands I have 'Celebrate The End' and some celebration it is too.


As I wipe away the single tear falling from my eye can't believe its taken this long for this mighty fine piece of work to creep out via those wonderful people at Wanda records.  OK they might have moved on with the Berlin Blackouts and the Nightshades but when they were Radio Dead Ones they hit the jackpot getting Rich Jones to man the controls on this bad boy and hey presto out of the speakers piles ten magic moments and easily their strongest piece of work ever bar none!  Don't blink or go make a cup of tea because it'll be over there are only ten tracks on offer and straight from the get go of 'Lois Revolt' these punks kick shit off with thirty five seconds of bristling punk rock racket that has a stiff middle finger and a mouthful of strong German beer in the eye of the industry as they get proceedings off to a stinking - nasty- row! Bring it on guys - Bring it on!


'Hold On Tight' has a stunning harmonica solo it also has an acoustic breakdown and a killer melody! Radio Dead Ones were always this good and anyone who saw them live knows it.  There is energy and craft a plenty happening as we all hold on tight.



'Bring It On' is triumphant and majestic whilst 'Waiting On A Miracle' has it all from the gang vocals on the intro to the floor tom backbeat in the verse and back round we go. To close off side one 'Medication' is a rapid ball of energy and again the harmonica is a most welcome addition but before its really begun the needle lifts and side one is done - finished - over!


'Almighty Saint' is the safe single from the album as Radio Dead Ones do what they do to its highest standard and everything about what you need to know about such a fine band is given to you on a plate in around two and a half minutes. Strap yourselves in folks because 'Lost' is like RDO do power pop with a great melody and even greater delivery there is a hint of The Clash via a Mick Jones written song and some Blondie on the solo - a stone cold classic - trust me!


'Heart Attack' is more expanding of the wings even if its not that much of a stretch you can hear a band full of ideas and a great ear for the delivery of what they are producing.  As we reach the finale of 'Running Out Of Time' its a nod of the cap to The Ramones as the song thrashes in true Dee Dee style to its crescendo as the fairground organ pumps out the chords for the last time and the curtain is brought down on a mighty fine band that said goodnight way to soon. 


However it ended, RDO threw in the towel on a band that lived and breathed punk rock and fuckin roll! And for however long it was I salute them and thank the Lord that this album finally saw the light of day: and whoever it was who twisted their collective arm to get it out, there's a cold one behind the bar for you because it would have been a tragedy had this record not been heard. 


Now turn it up and let's do this again! Radio Dead Ones sign off in spectacular style with their best record out of the lot - no doubt about it. Shame that.