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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 08 November 2016 03:20

Bad Mojos artworkSelf-styled retardo punk rock from Switzerland anyone? Thought you punk rockers would be all over this lo-fi Ramones racket.  Ski masks - guns - songs like 'Shoot You In The Face'… this isn't your hi-brow Pink Floyd fair nor is it Radiohead or Muse damn it's not even you’re in love - out of love - hard luck Ramones. It's a buzz guitar over a steady fast backbeat and disenfranchised lyrics recorded quickly without much filters going on - and thank the fucking Lord for that! Think Buzzcocks and Blondie hacking those bubblegum melodies Dee Dee wrote and you're in the right parking lot.


'Deadbeat' pretty much hits this nail square on the head and if Dee Dee were still amongst us he'd think someone had hacked his melodies note book if he had such a thing. 'Fuck The Cups (And Fuck U2)' sounds like it was recorded straight to vinyl from a knackered old Fostex four track with only the one channel working and less than two minutes left on the tape: but, hell, it's infectious and why should these guys be forced into buying digital equipment and new leads?


There's nothing clever or highbrow happening here just a bunch of top melodies and whole heap of Fuck You attitude and boy is it addictive, nothing too taxing so one and a half to two minutes max and plenty of choruses for you to jump around to its an easy formula  but one you can miss by a mile.  thankfully Bad Mojos don't miss and if you don't like 'Punch You In The Throat' then I think you should stop reading now. 


Ski Masks, guns and guitars is always an intriguing combination and I can offer you fuck all as to an insight into who and what the band are about but quite frankly I couldn't care any less 'Shotgun Jesus' has just howled through my speakers.


Eleven tracks one as fast and dumb as the next they end with something of a prog lengthed two minute 'Trendy Wendy' and the fuzz has either distorted my hearing or my speaker cones have been blown,  either way Bad Mojos made it happen -  the bastards.  Get some retardo punk in your lives folks you'll love it!