Hello Bear - 'I Don't Know...It's Fun Though, Isn't It?' EP (Self-Released) Print E-mail
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Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 08 November 2016 03:00

Hello BearOh my, I love it when this happens. A new band (to me) with a four track EP that smacks you ‘round the head, a wake up call to all average bands out there. This is what good music sounds like people - and I want to shout from the Uber Rock roof tops about Norwich-based band Hello Bear.


Following a string of DIY releases, the four-piece band consisting of Luke Bear (vocals and guitar), Mary Bear(guitar), Tom Bear (Bass) and Daryl Bear (drums) bring their infectious brand of power pop in the form of this new EP. Their press release cites Weezer and OK Go as influences, and they nail right on the head there. And if you dig those sorta bands (which frankly you should) then you need this EP in your life right now.


Opener 'We Held Hands Once, But Then She Got Embarrassed' rides in on a familiar acoustic riff and then blasts from the speakers with a Billie Joe Armstrong riff and a Rivers Cuomo melody. This is as instantly gratifying as music gets power pop fans and with some of the most kitsch lyrics since Redd Kross put out 'Third Eye'. With all their talk of "sticky kisses" and "eyes the size of gooseberry pies", they will hook you in from the off, yep I was sold before the song completed. I challenge you to resist humming along to that melody before the song reaches its climax and be itching to hit repeat.


But hold yer horses there as Hello Bear are far from done. Before the sugar buzz of the opener sinks in we are into 'Mmm, Cheque Please!'. Quirky song title, yes and the music...yeah, that's quirky too. Spot on harmonies accentuate Luke's sugary sweet lead vocals to the max. The fact that this is probably the weakest song on offer goes to show how high Hello Bear set the bar.


A spot on production job helps put these songs in the big league, those guitars sound ace. 'Dirty Weekend' is such a killer tune. That riff man, that does it for me every time. A clever song structure that builds to a catchy as fuck chorus. I hear a good dose of Brit Pop in Hello Bear's sound, hints of Blur here and especially a dose of Kinky Machine there.



The sugary sweet 'Attack Hug!' has whistling, hand claps and jagged riffage. If there's any proof needed that music is the best kind of drug then here it is, the high is there, it's over too soon and you will need it in your ears again as soon as that CD stops spinning, I kid you not. This so reminds me of Silver Sun, it has that Beach Boys summery feel and yet still retains a kick ass heaviness. What's not to like here?


At just over 12 minutes in length 'I Don't Know...It's Fun Though, Isn't It?' just happens to be the finest dozen minutes of power pop you will put on your stereo before Christmas. They bring the sound of summer crashing around at a time when we are snuggling up in front of the fire, so do yourself a favour and get it, in fact do all your mates a favour and put it in their stockings too.