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Written by Nev Brooks   
Monday, 07 November 2016 03:00

Levy - BonfiresWhile getting to grips with the chaos of day job you sometimes just have to stop and play something new. It was at this point that this LP landed in my inbox all the way from Italy; now wouldn’t that sound immense if the internet hadn’t made the whole world accessible just with the touch of a button?


So just who are Levy then? Reading their blurb “LEVY are a three-piece indie band from San Benedetto del Tronto, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Having already released two LPs in their native tongue, they have now just completed their first LP in English. This latest work has allowed them to explore a post-punk/new wave sound”.


And do you know what? That is spot on. What struck me was how English it sounds. This is one confident band.


Opener ‘Astronaut’ nails the post punk vibe but next up ‘The Door’ absolutely smashes it out of the park reminding me of the mighty Beastmilk: this is a stunning tune heavy, dark and driving in turns.


‘Back In Time’ takes it in a different direction: very light. This is great stuff. Was that a cowbell? Again, vocal harmonies shine through.


‘Lost In Space’ has a gorgeous acoustic intro, and again I find myself writing about a European band that have nailed the arts of sound, production and the many facets of vocal harmonization. You just want to sit and listen to the song develop; this is what arena sound should be like, it fills such a huge space.


Title track ‘Bonfires’ again makes you sit back and listen, drifting with the guitar. ‘Fire Of Prometheus’ moves us back into that post punk territory much more strident, and follow on ‘In Your Eyes’ continues in a similar vein. This is an LP that you really need to listen to, there are so many clever touches, so much thought put into everything; I found myself drifting with the music, and you realize what an impact. Believe it or not the violin has influenced the music at times, it gives it a different dimension.


This is a cracking LP: defiantly different, very well put together and for the second time this week I find myself talking arena sound not club! These guys are coming to the Dolls House in March next year for one of the Rock and Roll Circus fundraisers… I for one cannot wait!