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Written by Neville Brooks   
Thursday, 03 November 2016 03:00

John Monday - High VSo just who are John Monday? You might well ask - and up until about three months ago I would have probably asked the same. That was up until I caught them headlining a gig in The Dolls House… I’d even go as far as to say my intention was to catch the support act and head home for a swift whisky (hey, son, that's whiskey in these parts - Ed).


Listening to them soundcheck, and the care and detail they put in to getting the sound right, listening to the four part vocal harmonies and the clarity of the guitar sound, retro but modern feeling music and needless to say the rest of the night was history, they absolutely blew me away the sad thing was there were very few people there to experience what was a real tour de force! Maybe the next time they hit the Dolls House (March next year I’m being told), word will get around and it’ll be a damn sight fuller.


Now I had prior notice that this five tracker EP, mini LP, whatever you want to call it was due and last week it happened to drop into my inbox with a simple ‘What do you think?’


Opener ‘Behave’ has a gorgeous pop slant, the vocal harmonies really shine and what an introduction to the band, this has a distinctly old school rock and roll vibe, but the excitement generated by the guys really catches you then that unmistakable Gretsch sound kicks in and your away, bouncing around the room (or at least I was) reminiscent of the Computers classic ‘Love Triangles Hate Squares’.


Next up, ‘Don’t Take It Too Far’ keeps the energy up: those vocal harmonies again really shining through, the guitar driving the song onwards. Third in ‘I’m Gonna’ again reminds me of the Computers, but led by the bass this time before the heaviest guitar yet kicks in before the counterpoint vocals this time; call and response lift this up a gear with some very definite punk undertones.


Next in ‘River’ has that massive arena sound and again reminds me of one of my leading lights within the underground before they split, Electric River, before it drifts into a very dub influenced guitar skank. The production on this song is absolutely huge, and I think it stands out as my fave on this too brief introduction.


Last track ‘Rock n Roll’ has an almost mariachi intro before the guitar gallops onwards, again the vocal harmonies catch you and too soon this introduction to the band is over.



So what do I think? Fuckin’ awesome! This is like nothing out there, has a massive arena sound and the vocals what can I say, brilliantly crafted. Get out there and introduce yourself to John Monday’s rock and pop perfection for the new generation.