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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 23 November 2015 03:40

PsychordsThis one landed on my desk without me having any prior knowledge of Psychords, there was no social media fanfare (for that read “bombardment”), no PR bluster, just some cover art, that I admit sparked enough interest in yours truly for me to drop the CD into my player.


So who are Psychords? Well they are three young ladies from Milano Italy, Violet on vocals and guitar Giò on bass and vocals and Cla on drums and vocals, who have more than just a passing interest in a certain legendary band from NYC going by the name of the Ramones.


However unlike say the UK’s Ramonas, who simply play covers of said band’s back catalogue, Psychords instead write their own stuff, and in ‘I Wanna Live Like Joey Ramone’ they have recorded 2 minutes and 3 seconds of pure dynamite. Seriously have a look at the video below and tell me this doesn’t make you smile. You see that folks is also the Psychords secret weapon, you simply cannot help but like what they do.



Okay granted some of Violet’s vocal phrasing can be a bit “wayward” at times, but by equal measure she also reminds me of Aimee Echo, which is certainly no bad thing.


Overall the ladies appear to have found a place where they can veer from out and out punk rock (opener ‘Riot’ has a truly venomous bite) to the almost surreal. I mean anyone who listens to ‘Toxic‘ (one of the real growers on this EP by the way) and doesn’t immediately spot what I spotted, will never have hidden behind a settee when a certain Saturday evening TV show was on the box. Elsewhere ‘Have A Drink’ sounds like Goldblade if John Robb ever decided to do a Laura Jane Grace, whilst ‘Meteor’ and ‘Evil Game’ possess that same street wise sense of melody that the likes of Civet and The Donnas had by the truckload.


Somebody get these girls over for Rebellion 2016, they write top tunes and deserve a break in the UK. Remember where you read about them first…..