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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 21 November 2010 06:00

bombers176"Why should I be interested in Black Bombers" is the question I hear you mutter to yourself.  Well, if I were to mention Gunfire Dance, Rat Scabies, Dave Tregunna and Brian James, would that impress you? Black Bombers have been around the block a bit and were members of the aforementioned bands or played with such marquee names. If the next question is "what do they sound like?" then let me talk you through what I thought about this here selection of demo recordings. 


'Tears' starts proceedings and a wonderful cacophony of garage rock 'n' roll it is too. All lo-fi but with a bit of a swagger to it as well (what did you really expect? Death metal or euro jazz?). 'Crystal Ball' rocks like The Damned used to when the 70's were still happening with some lovely licks being thrown by Alan Byron, turning out a scrumptious noise that fills my rock 'n' roll soul up to the brim. 'Junk Sickness' follows on in a similar vein with some bass chords being thrown out by Darren Birch (yeah, he of Gunfire Dance) and a 'Looking At You' style breakdown two thirds the way through the song, just about cools your jets before kicking back in in thunderous fashion as the song makes a dash for the finish line - an exhilarating five and a half minutes of musical mayhem, very, very nice indeed! This track reminds me most of where this music came from, very Gunfire Dance in its delivery. 'Fool's Paradise' rumbles in on a cool bass and floor tom combo before the riff joins in and a 60's garage melee is in full swing. The fifth and final track of this EP is the epic 'Desert Song', once again led by Birchy's bass as it pumps along with the cymbals and then some neat slide and picking that stirs up a right hornets' nest; clocking in at 8:40 this is mental stuff and not something I usually condone but it peaks and swirls and rages then chills before the slide sees things out all by itself and the EP is over. Chex has a bit of the Dave Vanian's about his vocal style but at times he also reminded me of singers like Ian McNabb or Julian Cope (god knows where they came from but it works).


A mighty fine effort of über cool music by the Black Bombers and one I suggest everyone gets themselves a piece of. Next up will have to be a proper studio album choc full of the same brand of rock as this demo EP and we'll all have a new band to cherish together. Five songs that carpet bomb class and quality over stereo speakers everywhere they get played, leaving me with no doubt that people will be surrendering to the might and power of The Black Bombers - go get some!