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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 04:00

2009-VibratorsWith a stellar line-up of Knox, Pete, Eddie and Darrell Bath The Vibrators are back and have an album that's bristling with great songs and just the right amount of venom. To be fair this album isn't Fancy Dan and is more your old reliable rock solid tunes that are well crafted, expertly delivered and even feature a guest appearance from Nicky Garatt.


You know what's coming dontcha? 'Retard' is the politically correct opener quickly followed out of the traps by the uptempo 'Blackout' that's rapid and ragged and one thing it does is show that bands like The Vibrators and people like Knox still have the chops and know exactly what it takes to write relevant punk rock and roll songs.


'Love Like Diamonds' rolls along with a great melody and carefree beat. 'No Sweat' has a menacing rhythm as the guitar chugs along prowling round the rhythm but it's 'Bleed To Death' that follows and the bass is rumbling behind the vocals that makes this a most excellent song.


To be fair the whole album is very consistent and is a most welcome record in 2014. There are some great riffs on display like on the rocker 'Rats', and on 'Harness' I thought they were going to break out into 'Chinese Rocks' on the intro.  


The guitar work of Darrell Bath is evident on the majestic 'Just Be True', the album's high point for me, but in fairness the whole record is a cut above featuring fourteen songs, unless you have the bonus version that contains extra tracks featuring a superb cover of the Flaming Groovies' 'Slow Death' which The Vibrators totally own with some very tasty guitar slinging.  


'Get Me A Beer' is another fine rocker and closing track 'On My Way To Hell' is a barnstormer with some very inviting slide on the solo and you get your second wind and have to press repeat which is the sound of a good record. Great players, great lyrics, great band, great album. Job done.


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