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Written by Mark Ashby   
Friday, 21 November 2014 03:20

Gaeleria - Gates of RomeHelsingborg. A name that resonates with football fans from the particular part of the Uberverse that we affectionately know as Norn Iron... for, when it comes to a certain time of year, there seems to be inevitability about the fact that at least one of our local teams will be drawn against that from the Swedish town (which has the claim to fame of being the country's closest point to neighbouring Denmark) in some stupid little competition or other... and it's usually a bad omen as, by and large, the sides from this corner of the world subsequently get eliminated, quickly and efficiently, by their Scandinavian cousins.


It's also the home town of [gaeleri], a band who produced three moderately successful albums in the mid-90s to early Noughties, before knocking it all on the head about a decade ago. Then, around about two years ago, vocalist Anders Vidhav and guitarist Niklas Rollgard bumped into each other in a bar... and simultaneously re-ignited a fire which has resulted in this, quite frankly, stupendous "comeback" album.


With a sound that lies somewhere between early 80s Whitesnake, 'Out Of This World' era Europe and classic Magnum, this is a magnificent album, filled to overflowing with crunching riffs, magnificent melodies, huge harmonies and one of the best vocal performances I have heard in an extremely long time. Honestly, Vidhav's delivery is immaculate and sublime - as rich and deep as Coverdale in his prime (as on 'Let Your Love Bleed'), as mellifluous as Tempest (check 'Queen Of Time' or the gorgeous title track) and Kennedy and as histrionic as Catley ('One Step Closer' could easily sit on any Magnum album), yet with his own distinct identity stamped all over each and every one of the ten songs.


Rollgard's guitar work perfectly complements his singer, soaring and sweeping, elegant and under-stated: yes, there is a massive feeling that the axe slinger is capable of so much more, but is deliberately holding back in order to give the songs the breath that brings them to vibrant, exciting life. With the rock solid rhythm section of Jonas Andersson’s bass and Patrik Borgkvist anchoring all of the songs more firmly than the Titanic is stuck to the arse of the Atlantic Ocean, Rollgard and Vidhav elevate the tunes to the next level with eloquent beauty.


This stunningly surprising and brilliant album has sprinted down the left wing, crossed the most perfect of passes right on the edge of the box and volleyed it straight into the back of the undefended net!





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